B Loved: Borg Pedestel Tower Fan

When the warm weather calls for ventilation, and the AC leaves you with a sniffle and a sky-high bill from ConEd, it's time to search for an alternative. Introducing the Borg Pedestal Tower Fan - it's slim, sexy, discreet, and purs like a cat.

I carried the Borg fan for 10 blocks, and it was completely worth the hassle. No lie - I had sweet dreams all night long after falling asleep under the soft natural breeze. It's hard to explain, but the short 5 hours I gave myself, felt like a solid 8. I woke up feeling relaxed, and most importantly breezy. This is the coolest reason to drop $50...

B Short (and to the point)!

As temperatures rise, so do the cutting shears. If you've been thinking about taking it up, Spring is the perfect time to try out a new look that will keep you feeling as cool as you look. Some of our favorite stars provide the perfect hair-spiration stories. Take a look!

Chrisette Michelle fearlessly chopped her locks to achieve instant edge faux hawk.


Keri Hilson switches up her hair as often as she changes shoes, but she pulls off this 70's throwback to legendary figure skater Dorothy Hamill with equally bold styling.


Amber Rose knows you gotta give face if you're rocking a buzz cut. Love it...on her.

Brooke Crittendon's modern cut is all about the bang and the plethora of styling options that keep the look fresh and add effortless attitude. This look can easily be dressed up or down in a beat.

CURLY CROPNicole Murphy's hair routine is low maintenance and leaves plenty of time to hit the town with Strahan. Not mad.


The likes of Rihanna, Fantasia, Kris Kardashian and too many others have rocked a little length on one side, while keeping it short in the back. It's a femme cut for girlie-girls who still want to "play" with their hair.

While not entirely unlike the previous look, you have to give this Angel some credit for doing away with signature flowing locks to rock a sleek, 20's-inspired coif and highlight those cheekbones.


B Quoted: Erykah Badu

"I am not systematic at all when it comes to religion. I just love life. And I'm not judgmental. And I'm a vegetarian." ~ Erykah Badu

Just do you, and do it well. Even if everything around you is out of control, don't compromise - not even for a second.


B Around Town: 2009 Tribeca Film Festival

It's back! Check out all the fun Tribeca Film Festival happenings around NYC!

2009 Festival Films - Take a look at what's playing and buy your tickets!

Tribeca Talks - Ready to register for Film 101?

2009 Film Feast - Taste the town with special Tribeca Film Festival deals at the best restaurants in NYC!

B Trendy: Vegas Fashion?

Vegas Fashion...? This may be an oxymoron, but there were a few category-specific trends that were constantly re-interpreted that I discovered while on a short business trip in Sin City. It's amazing how traveling West will open your eyes to a new en vogue moment a la mode...So what's popping in Vegas...?

Audrina Patridge ("The Hills") hosting a Bombay Sapphire event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.


Honorable Mention: Wedge Sandals
This trend was all over, and it felt very authentic (especially when paired together). Sexy.

HAIR - Blue Streaks
Honorable Mention: Elvira Hair (also seen in the photo above)
Girls of all races were rocking a little peek-a-boo blue in their hair. As for Elvira - think short voluminous, hard-sprayed layers up top, and lots of length on the bottom. It was a little scary...

BRAND ENVY - Juicy Couture
Honorable Mention: True Religion.
I literally spied someone rolling around their 4th youngest in this Juicy Couture stroller. And True Religion is truly Vegas religion. Levi who?

LIFESTYLE LOOK - Interracial Relationships
Honorable Mention: Young Mothers
The sheer volume of interracial relationships (in every combination possible) did not go unnoticed. And the kids...just adorable. Interesting...

BODY TAP - Side Tattoos
Honorable Mention: Chin Piercings
Tats and Vegas aren't a new concept, but I saw more girls with beautiful art running right down the side f their bodies, spanning from their underarm, down to the hip bone. (Just on one side ) I kinda loved it - on them.

B Quoted...

"If I was your one and only friend would you run to me if somebody hurt you - even if that somebody was me?" ~ Prince from "If I Was Your Girlfriend"

Trust is a powerful thing. If you ask for it, make sure to handle it with the attention and respect it deserves.


B Around Town!

What: Thurst!
When: Thursday April 16th - 7PM
Where: Pollen Nation - 11 East 125th St.
Why: It's Thurst-day! Cheers!

What: Power Live Showcase
When: Monday April 20th - 9PM
Where: BB Kings Blues Club - 237 W. 42nd St., NYC
Why: Check out performances by: Day 26, Mario, Ginuwine, and more!


B Trendy: Menswear

Zoe Saldana in a Menswear Tuxedo look.

You can still explore the menswear trend this Spring, and patch in subtle masculine touches to get the look without going overboard and breaking the bank. When creating macho a la mode, don't forget to keep the makeup pretty and your shoe game tight. Hint: this trend is best served with a side of swag.

1. Twill Double Latch Pant - Forever 21; 2. Striped Asymetric Wasitcoat - Topshop; 3. Oversized Denim Print Dress - Preen; 4. Pearl Croc Patent Platform - Giuseppe Zanotti; 5. Wonen's Chronograph Bracelet Watch - Michael Kors; 6. Black Stripe Cheri Tote - RebeccaMinkoff; 7. Eton Buckle Belt - Urban Outfitters; 8. Cha Cha Jack Rabbit - Ravin

B Loved: Wine Cellar Sorbet!

It seems so obvious for someone to combine 2 things that we love with the same intensity - a nice glass of bubbly and a frozen sorbet. Brilliant. The Wine Cellar Sorbet company has done it to perfection with their varieties of "adult desserts for sophisticated palates" that range from Cabernet Sauvignon to Sake. The dream team behind this heavenly combination - Bret Birnbaum and David Zablocki - are from Queens, and based in BK, so we have to give them a special shout for creating a sensational indulgence to quench our social needs and sweet tooth. I have a feeling it's going to be a sinfully delicious Summer.

Check out the website for a few delightful Wine Cellar Sorbet recipe ideas.

B Bold or Berserk?

Cassie is bald...on one side.


B Advised: Ways to be Productive When Out of Work

It's a crazy time, and there are more bright, talented people out of work and sitting at home than acceptable. But idle time doesn't mean an idle mind. Here are a few ways to stay sharp and stimulate your senses. When a door closes, you have to find a window.

When you're out of work, you should be in the best shape of your life. Get in the gym, get to the park, and get it in. Working out is also a great way to release some endorphins and maintain a positive attitude.

You've been talking about taking up another tongue ever since you fulfilled that last language requirement your Sophomore year of college. Now's the time to carpe' diem and sign up for a class or cop Rosetta Stone. Muy bien!

When we're pounding the pavement, we have every excuse not to make it home for a reunion or an anniversary. Use this time to reconnect with those that invested time (and money) in you. You might just discover a little more about yourself to get you back on the right track.

No need to sign up for Kaplan or the Princeton Review, but borrow books from a friend who recently took a test that you've been considering, and put in an hour a day. Who knows? You might find that school is the next best option - and this way, you'll already be a few paces ahead (minus the pressure).

The paper work is relatively easy. The tax deductions are sweet. Make that side hustle your main dish while you're in transition. Perhaps you'll unleash your inner-Donald and strike gold with a big idea? Go for it!

Not a vacation...To clarify, this is not a Cabo San Lucas plug, but you should take a trip where you can learn something about yourself, the world, and how you fit into it. Hint hint: road trip.

When you've fallen on tough times, its actually the best time to reach back and do something for someone else. Volunteering will help you put everything in perspective. It's really not that bad. Plus, a little good karma goes a long way.

B quoted...

“The reason you have to do this is you have to let them know that you're real.” ~ Jamie Foxx

As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Why hold back when you can let it all hang out...and hope someone catches it? Let your voice be heard and your emotions be felt, and maybe, just maybe you'll get exactly what you want.


B Around Town!

What: Jennifer Hudson in Concert
When: Friday April 10th
Where: WAMU Theater (Madison Square Garden)
Why: Robin Thicke is opening! (2 for 1)

What: Circle Line Cruise
When: Anytime (but check the schedule first - times are seasonal)
Where: 42nd & The West Side Highway
Why: It's the perfect outing for a lazy weekend with a cup of joe and a loved one. It's extra special if you need a go-to option for a first time NYC visitor.

What: Easter Happenings
When: All weekend in NYC
Where: All over NYC
Why: Bunny love brings out the inner-kid!


B Loved: Travelista TV

I stumbled upon Travelista TV and was instantly in love and equally envious of Teri & Andrea - two spirited sisters traveling the world, and living life to the fullest - their way. For instance - Teri takes belly dancing lessons in Marrakesh, and insists that she can't let the instructor out dance her, so she shakes it a little harder and puts her own twist on the age-old dance. Love!

On Travelista TV, you can view videos of their trips in Morocco, Croatia, Sweden, and beyond. Led by the charming twosome, each video feels uniquely personal, and full of helpful bits of info you can take away to plan your own trip, so grab a pen!

While most of us scrounge to stretch out our 10 vacation days, we can live vicariously through Teri and Andrea, as they take us on one exciting adventure after another. Where to next, ladies?


B Trendy: Spring Must-Haves!

Selita Ebanks in a Boyfriend Blazer

Warm weather is the only motivation you need to cop a few seasonal must-haves to re-up your Spring wardrobe. Here's the run down of what you need now to update last year's looks.

1. Colorful Trench
Buy a classic (water-resistant) trench in a fun color to protect you from Spring showers in style.
2. Bib Necklace
The easiest way to dress up basic tee is to add a trendy bib neck piece.
3. Neutral (Fly) Sandal
Invest in a great neutral heeled sandal that you can wear with EVERYTHING in your Spring wardrobe.
4. Bright Yellow
Yellow is still hot - go for neon, canary, or pastel.
5. White Jeans
What was once a no-no is completely in vogue. Choose carefully b/c white denim can be tough to pull off. Take your time to find the perfect pair.
6. Printed Florals
Flowers aren't just for dresses. Grab a printed floral corset to add a flirty element to a flouncy solid skirt of a pair of denim trousers.
7. Boyfriend Blazer
The blazer is essential. The boyfriend is optional.
8. Multicolor Tote
Instead of going for solid Spring bag, kick it up a notch with a distinctive multicolor print.

1. Burberry Packaway Trench; 2. Topshop Plate Section Necklace; 3. L.A.M.B. Faran; 4. Voom by Jon Han; 5. White Jeans ; 6. Forever 21 Floral Bloom Corset Top; 7. Club Monaco Abbie Boyfriend Blazer; 8. Balenciaga Cannage Arena City Bag


B Quoted...

"When I was forty and looking at sixty, it seemed like a thousand miles away. But sixty-two feels like a week and a half away from eighty. I must now get on with those things I always talked about doing but put off." ~ Harry Belafonte

There's no time like the present to do something you've been putting off. Carpe diem. The first step is the most critical.


B in the Spotlight: Mitzi Miller!

The B-Life had the opportunity to get to know author Mitzi Miller, a little better. Now it's your turn. Once she determined her path and what she did NOT want to do, she accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Sound familiar? Let's all take a Mitzi-moment to reflect...

Q: I read your story. How did you make a switch from the business to the editorial side of magazine publishing?

A: Did you really “read my story”? Wow, you make it sound like I led some type of some scandalous, future Hollywood tell all, scandalous type of life!! HA! Somehow, I don’t think I’m quite that interesting. But to answer your question: I didn’t really ‘know’ that I wanted to switch to the editorial side of the magazine business. However, I did know that I wanted no parts of marketing and sales. I am so not a numbers person! I’ve always loved to read- books, magazines, newspapers whatever I could get my hands on. So when the editorial internship opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

Q: What were your days as the ‘face of Honey Magazine' like? How do you feel about Honey’s comeback?

A: Working at HONEY was one of the best periods of my life. Not only did I have the pleasure of learning from and working with some of the most amazing and talented people in the publishing/entertainment industry, but I essentially also wrote my own ticket. From surfing in Hawaii to learning how to drive stick shift on a brand new Porsche, every month I got to choose my own adventure for my ‘Road Trippin’ column.

Q: Which books have you authored, and can you give me a quick description of each in 10 words or less? (This is tricky – kinda like haiku).

A: The Angry Black Woman’s Guide To Life - How to claim/ work being an ABW to your benefit.

The Vow - Three scandalous, fabulous and determined BFFs plot to get married.

HOTLANTA (3-book series) - The hottest Af-American teen series on the shelves.

Q: Where you do you get the inspiration for these books? Are they totally fictional or are they based in any truths from your life?

A: I am continually inspired by the wonderful men and women in my life. I’ve been blessed with a colorful family and fabulous friends so there’s never a dearth of fodder surrounding me. I believe the best stories always include a little bit of truth. Now which part of the drama is mine? That’s for you to guess.

Q: What is your next project?

A: Hmmm, that’s a good question. Well, it feels like I’m always working on my blog- www.mitzimoments.blogspot.com. But in addition, I’m currently the EIC of a boutique athletic lifestyle magazine named SET. (Which I must say, has been an interesting experience because I’m about as far removed from anything sports related as a girl can get.) Oh and I’m feverishly working on my next book proposal… at least what I keep telling my agent.

Q: What advice do you have for a young authoress or magazine editor?

A: Whatever it is that you’re doing, be authentic and enjoy it. You’ve got to believe in your story in order for anyone else to do so.

Mitzi pictured with co-author Denene Millner

Q: What are the most certain and uncertain things about your life right now?

A: I am certainly happy. Nothing beats being able to live life on my own terms.
I am uncertain about tomorrow. Every day is a new opportunity to start over, who knows what I’ll decide to do when I open my eyes in the morning.

Q: What would you want a reader to “B” after they experience your work? In other words, what impact do you want one of your novels to have on them?

A: “B” moved. Whether its laughter, empathy, anger or disbelief, I hope my words always make readers feel something.


B Around Town!

What: Art After Dark - First Fridays at The Guggenheim
When: Friday April 3rd 9PM-1AM
Where: 1071 Fifth Ave. (at 89th St.)
Why: $25 is a small price to pay for this much ambiance.


B Loved: Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint Cologne

As weather warms up, it's time to spring for a new scent! Lighten up with a new signature fragrance, and you're sure to smell as good as you feel throughout the Summer months. I've been dying to try this Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint Cologne. It's a crisp floral that evokes the feeling of an Oxford meadow, right after a soft summer rain. Jo Malone take me away!

Also check out Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Jasmine,
and Lotus Blossom & Water Lily.