B a 'do right man'!

Doctors, businessman, teachers - oh my! In all seriousness, where can you find a gathering of successful, community-minded, SINGLE black brother all in one place?

Go to Essence.com to see their picks for the Essence "Do Right Men" of 2008. Personally, Adrian, , Lamman and Isadore have my vote, but check it out for yourself. And while you're there, cast a vote for your favorite black brother. Sometimes you have to give props where props are due!



B-Look: Kim Kardashian

Get the B-Look!

Kim Kardashian achieved a cool, comfortable (a la Pussycat Dolls) look at McDonald's Big Mac 40th Birthday. Try this look (on the cheap) for yourself!

What to buy?

Straw Fedora

Urban Outfitters - Spillane Straw Fedora - $28

Crochet Bikini

Gold Hoops


Paul, Weiss Diversity Networking Reception

Paul, Weiss hosted their 7th Annual Diversity Networking Reception at the Rainbow Room in NYC on 7/24/08.
(Pictured L to R: Awenate Cobbina, Howard University School of Law 2009 Candidate and Raven Drummond, Howard University College of Dentistry 2010 Candidate)

B out tonight...

B quoted...

"If you have an opportunity to use your voice you should use it. " ~ Samuel L. Jackson


B - Black In America

The much buzzed-about Black In America series premiered on CNN last night. The day-one of the series told the story of the "Black Woman & Family" and covered everything from education to dating "something new" outside of your race. The poignant, but vested Soledad O'Brien guides the story by weaving in a and out of the woes and triumphs of the Rand Family, and other related characters. At times, watching part-one of the series gave me a great sense of pride, re-affirmed the hardships, but most importantly, reminded me of the "community" and the responsibility we have to one another. To say this series is well-timed is an understatement. Catch/tivo part two about the "Black Man" airing tonight on CNN at 9PM ET.
  • The Smith family (of the Rand Clan) raise 6 college educated scholar-athletes who all have something to prove to exceed their role-model parents
  • 10 year old Eric Kennedy Jr.'s goal score perfect grades o help his single father pay the bills
  • "Marry Your Baby Daddy Day"
  • The relentless mission of Harvard Professor Ron Fryer to tackle black issues


B out...Thursday 7/24!

B quoted...

“I couldn't tell people what I wanted to do because I was from Atlanta. You don't tell people you're gonna be a comedian in Atlanta. That means you ain't gonna do nothing,” ~ Chris Tucker


B friends (with your Ex)!

A recent picture on my blog inspired this post. But my answer is YES - you can absolutely be friends with your Ex. Just because you never stop caring, desiring for, or loving that person, doesn't mean that 2 adults can't come to a mutual agreement on the terms of a friendship.

  • Become bffs with his new girl - you're out to prove something to yourself, him, and the girl...don't try so hard!
  • Ignore him when you see him in public. If you see him, he sees you. It's reciprocal. Once you start a pattern of not acknowledging each other, it's hard to take it back.
  • Purposely leave away messages on AIM, change your status on Facebook, or blog anything that indicates your bitterness. Even though you want outsiders to pick up on your "subliminal" messages so they can all send bad vibes to your Ex's - it doesn't work that way. You'll only play yourself
  • Bring around a new guy, just to make your Ex jealous. If there isn't any real chemistry, your old flame will know you're just playing games.
  • Pry for details. Trust me.
  • Mutually decide whether or not you want to become friends. Once that is squared away, don't be afraid to set some guidelines for the friendship
  • Take time apart to process the break-up. If you immediately jump in LC and Lo status, you'll either start sleeping together and/or not feel like the break up ever happened.
  • Call ahead to find out if your Ex is bringing someone to a mutual pal's gathering and/or give him a heads up if you plan to do the same. The first time is tricky, so always be sensitive about the nu-nu.
  • Acknowledge the good and bad times - birthdays, holidays, promotions, passings, lay-offs, etc. If someone was a major part of your life, there's no need to cut off a strong support arm. Embrace it!
  • Eventually be open to meeting the new chick. Who knows how long she'll last, but it's worth putting the face to a name. After all, your Ex is just a friend, right...?


B in Prospect Park...BK all day!

It was a HUGE weekend in BK, and the annual Heatwave BBQ in Prospect Park was blazing! This summer, the crowd was bigger, the line was longer, and the weather was more beautiful than ever. If you missed it...there's always next year!


BBQ - this Sunday 7/13!

It's baaack...
Where can you find everyone you know from undergrad, grad school, the internship that landed you permanent placement, and your first year in NY? The annual MIH Heatwave BBQ in Prospect Park! If you're not a BK resident, this is the perfect time to venture south and see what the beautiful borough has to offer. Not to mention, the event always promises a drama-free, chill, Sunday afternoon with food and people aplenty. Meet old friends, new friends, and ex-friends you've been avoiding all year...it's all good! Trust, this is a BBQ you don't want to just hear about on Sunday.

What to Bring:
  • a blanket is a must!
  • playing cards
  • comfortable shoes (please don't be one of those in 4-inch heels - not the place!)
  • a few snacks (and drinks) if you don't want to wait on line
  • sunblock
  • sunglasses
  • friends!
2,3 to Grand Army Plaza
Q to 7th Avenue
Enter via Grand Army Plaza Entrance to Long Meadow Field


B out...

What: The Dream
When: Sat. July 12
Where: Kion - 509 E. 6th St.
Why: Celebrate the Ron Brown Scholar Alumni

What: Boyz 2 Men
When: July 15th & 16th - 8PM
Where: BB Kings Blues Club - NYC
Why: "On Bended Knee" is forever a classic!


B cool...

From Barack to Prince - how can you not LOVE black men? This month, Ebony Magazine covers the "25 Coolest Brothers of All Time" with 8 different collector's edition covers. My line up has an underlying "ranking", but that was no easy task. How would you have ranked them?

Either way, kudos to Ebony for shining a light on some of the best that ever did it. These gentleman not only play the game, or win the game - they define it.

Leave a comment to nominate another brother for the cover.


B high-browed...

Do create a natural arch that follows the shape of your eye.

Don't let scraggly brows go unattended. "Thinning" brows make you look older. Fill 'em in!

Do go for a dramatic brow that makes a statement.
paint on your brows. Period.

Do groom pierced brows meticulously.
Don't pluck your brows into semi-circles. Not a good look.

embrace a full brow. Thick is in!

Don't get frustrated and take them off altogether!