B a last minute shopper - we won't tell!

Tis' the season...to shop til' you drop. If you haven't finished yet, there's still hope! These last minute gift suggestions will point you in the right direction if you somehow didn't cross everyone of the list this weekend (or got distracted and started shopping for yourself). It happens. Good luck!

If you're shopping for mom...

Get her a classic designer bag in a youthful color or pattern. She can appreciate the function and recognize the brand, while enjoy something that adds a little fun to her current collection. This particular Coach Madison Leather Crossbody Swingpack is perfect for mom's upcoming Caribbean vacation, and it retails for less than $200.

If you're shopping for dad...
Go for electronics...duh! So you brought him up to date last year with an iPod, but now he needs all the toys that go with it. Chances are, he already has an alarm, but this iHome Alarm Clock Radio works with an iPod or iPhone. Head to Brookstone for this techie-lovers no-brainer.

If you're shopping for your best friend...
Take some liberties here. They always say not to buy clothing or jewelry as gifts, because everyone has a different style, but if you don't know what your BFF likes, then you're not paying attention. Buy your girl (or guy) a stunning statement necklace, like this Cloud Necklace from J.Crew. It's the kind of thing that your girl has been eyeing, but doesn't want to buy for herself. Love this! (hint-hint, wink-wink)

If you're buying for a child under 10...
Set the little tyke up with a US Savings Bond. You purchase it at 1/2 the face value, and as the little one grows, his money constantly matures. Within 10 years or so, they'll have a nice little stash if they keep collecting. It's not monopoly money, it actually has value. I cashed in a nice stack a few years ago to pay for a grad school class...at NYU. True story.

If you're buying for a buying for a child/teen over 10...
Hook them up with an AMEX Giftcard. Trust me, these kids like "cash" gifts almost more than what Santa brings them in his big red bag. Giving a young adult the liberty to choose how they spend their holiday cash is empowering. Plus, they can get exactly what they want, instead of you making the unfortunate mistake of thinking they're still into Bratz Dolls.

If you're buying for a Holiday Hostess...
Buy a thoughtful sweet treat like holiday cookies or cupcakes. William Sonoma's Dancing Deer Baking Company goodies are cute, tasty, and have a fighting chance of getting consumed at the party. Let your gift stand out amongst a see of Merlot.

If you're buying for your boo...
Buy something that can be enjoyed as a pair! Most cities have a plethora of wine tasting classes you can purchase. It's educational, a little sexy, and it's just a jumping off point for a future trip to Wine Country. Plant the seed!

If you're buying for your boss...Keep it simple, and get him/her a bottle of champagne to toast the year's successes, near missed failures, more business in 2009, and most of all - keeping your job.
I'll drink to that!


B Loved: Hello! Skinny Jeans

Are you ready for the most revolutionary product to hit the market? Hello! Skinny Jeans for will change your life. So many women slave over losing those last 5 lbs, or forsake carbs for 3 days to de-bloat, but these jeans do all the work for you. Hello! Skinny Jeans claim to be: "thigh-slimming, stomach-flattering, buttocks shaping, and leg lengthening...", and they are! 7 washes and 4 cuts, you can't go wrong. It might be the best $200 you spend this year. Tried and tested by yours truly. Love!


B Tubed...Bush shoe attack

When 1 isn't enough...


What: Dreams Delivered
When: Tuesday Dec. 16, 7-10PM
Where: Katra - 217 Bowery St.
Why: Support the Thurgood Marshall College Fund

What: NYULYP Holiday Party
When: Wed. Dec. 17th, 7PM
Where: Minton's Playhouse - 208 W. 118th St.
Why: Holiday mixer + support a deserving under served youth


B a giver...

The B-Life is sending props to The JI Group for hosting The 2nd Annual Holiday Dreams Young Professionals Charity Hour - Miracle on 55th St. at Amalia to raise money and collect gifts for the The United Cerebral Palsy of New York. The Joint Interest Group have been giving New York the best parties, informative seminars and networking opportunities, and they continue to give back. Cheers to that!

(Past Event)

B Out...Tonight

What: NV After Hours
When: Monday December 15 6p - 1a
Where: Barna - 365 Park Ave. South (@ 26th St.)
Why: It's a great spot. Chill crowd. Plus, bring an unwrapped toy to support Hale House.


B on a winter date...

Falling in love is a little easier when it's cold outside. There's no better excuse to pair off, stay in, and get close (body heat, of course)! After a little mid afternoon brainstorm, my friend Lindsay Swartz helped me to pull together a few fun ideas for winter dates.

Pictured: (L to R) Lindsay, Jen

Go ice skating in your local park, community centre or outdoor rink. A little coordination goes a long way, but the fumbles are totally charming.

Cruise your local outdoor holiday markets (e.g. Union Squares weekend holiday flea market) for great gifts for your friends and family. Top it off with a cozy dinner at a local duck out or classic eatery (think: Coffee Shop).

Go Christmas tree/ornament shopping or do some fun holiday decorating together like stringing popcorn or cranberries, etc. If you're having holiday fun together now, perhaps you can picture what it would be like to share every holiday as a team?

This is an obvious one, but hot chocolate is the perfect complement to great conversation over a stroll, in place of dessert, or simply as a good excuse to extend the date a little longer. How sweet!


B Loved: Nic's Sticks by OPI

It's revolutionary. It's so easy to use. Nic's Sticks by OPI are the latest and greatest nail polish technology, and it's going to change your life. It's a simple shake & pump pen that's as basic as a paint pen. The little brush perfectly spreads across your nail bed distributing color evenly for the most inept "color between the lines" ladies (like myself). Try it. Trust. You'll love it, and save tons on nail care.


New York Sample Sales


Even though you may be strapped for cash,
now's the time to dip into your secret stash.
Sample sales are truly the recessonista's dream,
because prices might be even lower than they seem.
Though some throw bows to get to the bottom of fashionable piles,
a little violence goes a long way when it comes to style.

Happy Shopping!

When: Dec. 8-11th, Mon. & Wed., 10a-6p; Tues. & Thurs., 10a-7p
Where: 261 W. 36th St. (btw. 7th & 8th Aves.)


When: Dec. 9-13th Tues., 9a-6:30p.; Wed., 9a-8p; Thurs., 9a-7p; Fri., 9a-5:30p; Sat., 9a-3p
Where: 260 5th Ave. (btw. 28th & 29th Sts.)


When: Dec. 10-12th, Wed., 8a-8p, Thurs. & Fri. 10a-8p
Where: 145 W. 18th St. (btw. 6th & 7th Ave.)


When: Dec. 10-12th 12-7:30p
Where: 275 W. 39th St.

B quoted...

"Women, you can have it all - a loving man, devoted husband, loving children, a fabulous career." ~ Jada Pinkett Smith


B out this weekend...Big Apple Classic

What: Bragging Rights Bowling Event
When: Friday Dec. 5th from 7:30 - 11:00PM
Where: Harlem Lanes
Why: Reunite with old friends and just kick it.

What: Big Apple Classic Basketball Game (Howard v. Hampton)
When: Saturday Dec. 6th at 7PM
Where: Madison Square Garden
Why: A little competition and rivalry goes a long way!

Happy Birthday!!

The B-Life is sending champagne wishes & birthday cheer to Nekia & Moore!

(Nekia pictured on right)

(Moore pictured on right)


PJ Morton Live in NY

Catch PJ Morton at Billie's Blacks tonight!

What: PJ Morton
When: Thursday Dec. 4th 8PM & 9:45PM
Where: Billie's Black - 271 W. 119th St.
Why: We heart PJ. He's always gives you show!


B at Quality Meats...

Quality Meats - 57 W. 58th St., NYC (212)371-7777

In between the baking of the pies, the mashing of the potatoes, and basting of the turkeys, treat yourself to a night out for a hearty, uncomplicated, but totally perfected meal at Quality Meats. Without giving too much away, I'll tell you the restaurant is overflowing with loyal regulars, business men who, plainly, love meat, and overseas tourists who've heard hearsay of this superb dining experience in far away lands. Quality Meats is situated near 5th ave in the 50's so stop in for a great meal to finish off a vigorous eve of shopping. Come hungry, leave happy.


B Look...for Less: Statement Jewelry

Make a statement with your accessories. It's the easiest way to take something from basic to fabulous.

This Double Strand Elephant Necklace is on-sale at J.Crew- LOVE! You can scoop it for $100, plus you can usually find additional online discounts this week and on retailmenot.com.

For an even more economical solution, just add a pretty brooch to a set of pearls you inherited, bought at Claire's or caught at Mardi Gras. Banana Republic has a very cool Elephant Brooch version for just $39.

B resolved...

In 2008, I wanted to "b great"...What's your 2009 New Year's Resolution?

I want to hear from you so I'm calling all beautiful, strong-minded, and about their business B-Lifers. Email me at theblife@gmail.com with a picture with your name, age, and your 2009 New Year's resolution. Are you planning to run a half marathon, learn a different language, stop eating peanut butter at midnight, whatever? We all do better when we get out and get something together, so I'm publishing your resolution on the web! Get inspired!


B on the fringe...

Betsey Johnson Fall 2008 Collection

Fringe was a runaway runway hit for Fall '08 and it's still hot for Spring '09. So if you thought fringe was only meant for roaring 20's costume parties, think again. Fringe allows you to be lady-like and edgy, all in one pretty package, with a side of shredded goodness. Plus, nothing says "party" like a little fringe and a a great pair of legs!

Twelve by Twelve - $49

Go Jane - $32

Go Jane - $19

Forever 21 - $23

Forever 21 - $23

Forever 21 - $21

Go Jane - $46
(This is the
classic version - think "Proud Mary". Start here for the most mileage for your fringe.)