B at Carnival...

It's Carnival weekend in some of the hottest cities around the world. Please b patient because The B-Life is taking a vacation to see what all the hype is about.
xo, Jen

B tubed...

A Little Bit of Change
Watch it twice, then think about it. It's easy for us to get jaded, but now is the time to be proactive and passionate about social change (no matter who you're supporting). You gotta love the kids...they're not too old to lose hope, and neither are we.


B on facebook...

Last week, a The B-Life reader sent around this facetious take on facebook, or in this case "pensionbook". While social networking sites like MySpace and facebook definitely have their benefits, one has to ask when it's gotten a little out of control. Advanced technology allows us to create and foster several relationships simultaneously at a much faster pace due to ease of communication and access to everyone at any point in time. Just think - you can send a text message in 7 seconds flat when it used to take 5 days to send a similar message via the US Postal Service back in '95. But while relationships can happen in a New York minute, are they as deep? I mean, just because facebook says you have 535 friends...do you really have 535 friends? Forget baseball, let's address the "pluses" and"minuses" of one of America's new favorite pastimes.

facebook Pros:

-Reconnecting with old friends
-Avoiding the mass email with a "note"
- Sharing photos without creating annoying logins
-Getting a mini-background check on your date
-The wall (now you don't have to memorize a million email addresses!)

facebook Cons:
-You can't do ANYTHING on the slick...(that feed is no joke!)
-Tagged photos - It's too easy to get caught out there looking crazy.
-All those applications - Seriously, what is a funwall/trendsetter/poke? I'm confused!
-"Stalking" is a little too easy
-You can't repeat an outfit - those pics will get you every time.
-Relationship status....it causes drama, plain and simple. Just leave it off - trust me!
-The random "friend" - (who are these people???)

Iffy facebook behavior...
-Shared FB pages - Just because you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee', or cat doesn't mean you need a dual facebook page.
-Posting photos of your newborn(s) - I mean, it's kinda cute, but shouldn't you be too busy to be on facebook?
-Exchanging more than 4 wall posts - I love the wall, but after a certain point, it's time to pick up the phone or send an email.


B at The Den...

The Den has been a Harlem mainstay since 2004, and it's still one of the best places to kick back for brunch, a meal, or one of their deliciously decadent drinks.

-Chicken & Waffles-

Krewe of "New York-ianans"

This weekend, a group of Louisiana-bred/New York-based friends got together at The Den for brunch. $21 includes one entree, a fruit & salad bar, buffet, and endless mimosas. (Plus, our fabulous host shipped in a King Cake!)

Love the Saints Jersey!

Jude, Davell, Rashib (Our gracious host)

Meanwhile, and equally good time was had the other weekend when an impromptu birthday celebration had it's culmination at The Den.
-Foxy Brown-

Basically, if you bring good people crowd, you're guaranteed to have a good time. The Den is an intimate, yet cool setting, with good eats, even better drinks and just enough tables to seat your nearest and dearest.

B inspired...

"Don't settle for style. Succeed in substance."

"Whenever you face a man who's playing your instrument, there's a competition."

~Wynton Marsalis


B out this weekend!

This Friday 1/25, catch the NY Knicks v. Philadelphia 76ers at Madison Square Garden. This should be a good one since both teams have their pride on the line.
Have a beautiful weekend!


(Don't) b a fashion don't...For the Fellas - Part 1

Alright gentleman, this one if for you. And ladies, please send this link to you male friends.
This post was inspired by a friendly debate had in a Harlem-bound cab this past weekend. Some looks are completely unacceptable, but somehow, a few of the fellas didn't get the memo. I can't speak for all women, but I can share a few of wisdoms that were exchanged during our $18 cab ride.

1. "If I see a man in a fur coat, I'm calling PETA."
Even the godfather can't pull off this look without looking like the the winter edition of the Coca-Cola polar bear.

2. "If you're not Diddy, JD, or Marc Anthony (or fresh from laser surgery) - sunglasses are NOT to be worn inside."
Why this is so hard to conceptualize? It's never OK. And no, its really not OK to have them on top of your head either.

3. "If you're not a 7 yr. old girl vacationing in Jamaica, please take those beads out of your head!"
This one is pretty obvious, but it's pure comedy.

4. "Please don't wear a shirt tighter than mine."
Don't get me wrong, I love a man in a slim/tailored silhouette, but I don't need to see his nipples. Plus, it's cutting off your circulation boo!

5. "Doo rags are a don't."
It's hard to even figure out when those were ever appropriate (with the exception of the set of Boyz in the Hood and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid).

6. "Your (clip-on) earrings should never be bigger than mine."
In addition to looking as if you just rummaged through your mama's jewelry box, you're also reminding me that your rocks might be hotter than mine...and that's just selfish.

7. "Pinky rings are more feminine than you think."Just trust me. It says 1 of 2 things. A.) I'm such a show-off that I had to bling-out smallest finger or B) I like man-jewelry so much that my pinky just had to have it.

If you or someone you know falls victim to one, two, or all seven of these offenses, do not be ashamed. Small baby steps will lead to large strides in becoming a fashion do. Love ya!


Happy Birthday Kelli!


This weekend glasses were raised to celebrate the birthday of dedicated B-lifer, Kelli. The main festivities went down at Tillman's on Saturday night, but the long weekend called for a Harlem Lanes - Tillman's - La Esquina triple threat.
Out-of-towners from the A and New Orleans definitely made the most of a chilly weekend by taking advantage of NYCs best neighborhoods and keeping it lively all times.

Happy 20-something Kels!
xo, Jen

B fed during NY 2008 Winter Restaurant Week...

NYC Restaurant Week - Winter 2008 is back, so it's time to get your taste on at some of the city's premiere establishments, and stick to that 2008 budget at the same time. As long as you dine between January 21-25 or January 28 - February 1, you'll get a 3-course lunch for $24.07 and dinner for $35.00.

The B-Life
picks are below:

The origami-filled, zen vibe at Kittichai lends to the perfect laid-back "scene". Chef Ian's mastery of Thai specialty dishes definitely won't disappoint.

Redeye is super-inviting and has one of the most enviable selections of seafood in NY. The restaurant is always loud and buzzing because this spot is no secret to midtown's fresh fish seekers.

Te gusta comida Latina? If so, Calle Ocho is a fun Upper West Side restaurant that's great for groups! Ceviche is their specialties.

Ps. I'm hoping my dinner club will choose Asia de Cuba, a highly touted Latin/Asian fusion spot, for our next outing.



B inspired...

"A man can't ride your back unless it's bent."
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



The B-Life: Year in Review

We always get the question, "what is the B-Life?" As we looked back, it was tough to summarize a year of the best that NYC (and beyond) has to offer tastemakers and savvy consumers like you. But just in case you missed a beat...let's take a walk down memory lane.





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"B on a rooftop..."

"10 Things...A Young Black Woman's Guide to Survival"

"(Don't) B Bougie..."





"So, what is The B-Life?" It's a lifestyle baby! Keep working hard, loving life, and doing it big! I know we certainly will. As always, we appreciate your patronage, so keep reading and spreading the word.
Jen, The B-Life