(Don't) b a fashion don't...For the Fellas - Part 1

Alright gentleman, this one if for you. And ladies, please send this link to you male friends.
This post was inspired by a friendly debate had in a Harlem-bound cab this past weekend. Some looks are completely unacceptable, but somehow, a few of the fellas didn't get the memo. I can't speak for all women, but I can share a few of wisdoms that were exchanged during our $18 cab ride.

1. "If I see a man in a fur coat, I'm calling PETA."
Even the godfather can't pull off this look without looking like the the winter edition of the Coca-Cola polar bear.

2. "If you're not Diddy, JD, or Marc Anthony (or fresh from laser surgery) - sunglasses are NOT to be worn inside."
Why this is so hard to conceptualize? It's never OK. And no, its really not OK to have them on top of your head either.

3. "If you're not a 7 yr. old girl vacationing in Jamaica, please take those beads out of your head!"
This one is pretty obvious, but it's pure comedy.

4. "Please don't wear a shirt tighter than mine."
Don't get me wrong, I love a man in a slim/tailored silhouette, but I don't need to see his nipples. Plus, it's cutting off your circulation boo!

5. "Doo rags are a don't."
It's hard to even figure out when those were ever appropriate (with the exception of the set of Boyz in the Hood and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid).

6. "Your (clip-on) earrings should never be bigger than mine."
In addition to looking as if you just rummaged through your mama's jewelry box, you're also reminding me that your rocks might be hotter than mine...and that's just selfish.

7. "Pinky rings are more feminine than you think."Just trust me. It says 1 of 2 things. A.) I'm such a show-off that I had to bling-out smallest finger or B) I like man-jewelry so much that my pinky just had to have it.

If you or someone you know falls victim to one, two, or all seven of these offenses, do not be ashamed. Small baby steps will lead to large strides in becoming a fashion do. Love ya!


Spoonful of Sass said...

Preach!!! I whole heartedly agree with ALL of those fashion fax paus! Especially the sunglasses inside- ooo that ticks me off! I mean can those brothers even see with those $5.00 Walmart pieces of plastic on?

J.Cummings said...

I disagree with the last faux paux. A pinky ring isn't that bad. I think chains/necklaces and more than one earring is more inappropriate.

Southern_Lady said...

Thanks you, thank you for that post! I absolutely HATE to see men with sunglasses on top of their heads!

yummy411 said...

hilarious and i love #3!!!! why men? why???

Tay said...

LOL. I did a similar post a while ago and its nice to know that someone is feeling the same way. Plus you hit a lot of things that I missed. Tight shirts, clip on, fur, beads....all NOs! How hard is it for some men to figure out!!?