B feathered!

Feathers are a hot trend for Fall, but are we loving it or not? The feathered look can indeed be fly, but it's easy to get carried away and end up looking like an extra in Dances With the Wolves. If you're into it...proceed with caution and try one piece at a time.

Amerie rocks feathers!

Elizabeth and James
Plume Feather Vest

Shu Uemura
Black Velvet Feather Lashes
(This look can be totally glamorous, or end up in disaster. I personally love it if you're ready for a red carpet moment. You MUST be ready to shut it down if you're brave enough to go here.)

Urban Outfitters
Feather Skinny Headwrap

Bag, Borrow or Steal
Fendi To You Leather Feathers Handbag
$350 (a month) - but you have to return it!

Twelve by Twelve
Feather Hem Silk Dress

Elizabeth and James
Feather Bubble Shug

Urban Outfitters
Feather Cloche

Hale Bob

B out...this week!

What: NV After Hours
When: Monday 9/29
Where: Barna (365 Park Ave. S. @ 26th St.)
Why: Go out to support Brotherhood SisterSol!

What: Affair Thursdays
When: Thursday 10/2
Where: Level V (675 Hudson St.)
Why: It's almost Friday...

B quoted...

"A lot of times, we censor ourselves before the censor even gets there." ~ Spike Lee



As an fyi, I know you love your "Barack the Vote" sweatshirt, but please DO NOT wear any sort of Obama 'nalia (t-shirt, pins, hats, etc. etc.) to the polls when voting on election day. It's news to me, but apparently anyone with this type of gear is considered to be campaigning, and therefore not allowed x-feet from the polls.
This year, with all the OBAMA excitement and hype, they're assuming that people are UNAWARE of this law and will send them home, with the hope that they won't make it back out to vote. "It's just one vote, right?" - WRONG. Don't be the one!
xo, Jen


B anti- Palin...IN ALASKA?

Yesterday someone forwarded these images of Alaskans speaking out against Governor Sarah Palin. The good people of Alaska had a few things they needed to get off of their chest...


B-LOVED: The Mondrian (LA)

For all of you bi-costal commuters (like myself), I have to recommend the perfect oasis for your West coast stay - The Mondrian in LA. With so many hip and varied choices from the ultra-cool Standard to the full service Four Seasons - you can't really go wrong. But The Mondrian is the perfect combination to trendy-zen, good location, beautiful outdoor space with a touch of luxe. Love!


B quoted...

"Use, don't abuse."
~ Grace Jones


B out...this Weekend!

What: Black Fashion Rocks
When: Friday September 5th
Where: Aspen NYC
Why: Celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of The Fashion Bomb
Click HERE to RSVP



B Tubed!

Happy Labor Day! In honor of all the good jobs, bad jobs, and straight up embarrassing jobs we've had over the years, enjoy this clip of Bon Qui Qui giving it to you, her way.