B feathered!

Feathers are a hot trend for Fall, but are we loving it or not? The feathered look can indeed be fly, but it's easy to get carried away and end up looking like an extra in Dances With the Wolves. If you're into it...proceed with caution and try one piece at a time.

Amerie rocks feathers!

Elizabeth and James
Plume Feather Vest

Shu Uemura
Black Velvet Feather Lashes
(This look can be totally glamorous, or end up in disaster. I personally love it if you're ready for a red carpet moment. You MUST be ready to shut it down if you're brave enough to go here.)

Urban Outfitters
Feather Skinny Headwrap

Bag, Borrow or Steal
Fendi To You Leather Feathers Handbag
$350 (a month) - but you have to return it!

Twelve by Twelve
Feather Hem Silk Dress

Elizabeth and James
Feather Bubble Shug

Urban Outfitters
Feather Cloche

Hale Bob

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