B-Loved: Miracle at St.Anna

I have to admit, that I went see this film as a result of a coin toss...that I lost. I mean, who really signs up to see a 3 hour "war" movie on a Sunday evening, just hours before you have to start your work week? Well, I'm glad I did!
Miracle at St.Anna, the latest project from acclaimed director, Spike Lee, is not your typical war story. It's a character-driven tale that's part history, fantasy, suspense, comedy, and action epic. We follow the journey of 4 Buffalo Soldiers (well acted by Derek Luke, Michael Ealy, Omar Benson Miller, and Laz Alonso - who totally steps out as a lead in this film) who travel through Tuscany while fighting in WWII as they reevaluate their mission. Enter - a new character, that changes everything, and reveals more clues about the story, and gives at least a few of our soldiers something more to fight for.
There's no doubt that this movie belongs on my B-loved list. Possible Oscar-talk for Spike Lee? Fingers crossed!

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~a said...

Although I like Spike, this wasn't on my list of must-see movies either, but your review changed my mind. Thx!