B wowed...

WOW...my girl just told me that her friend is at Laguardia and all of the airport workers are dressed in costumes - clowns, geishas and sexy cops...
Apparently, all of the baggage handlers are dressed as sheiks. WOW!

B tubed...

B-Life Committee member, Lauren, is hooking us up with the YouTube Clip of the Week. This is just a ridiculous case of not being able to handle your desserts...??? Just say no kids!


B in costume!

Whether you're checking out the parade in Chelsea or hitting up a fly party, do it in disguise! Here's a quick look at a couple of folks who pre-partied in costume this weekend. Can you guess who...?

Clue: Do you think she met Lindsay in rehab?

Clue: This fly spy chick is a whole lotta woman...

Clue: This beaded beauty is one-half of a SOLID couple that owns Sugar Bar.

Clue: Kendra might be jealous that this playmate gets to hang with this music legend and Little Bo Peep?

Clue: I think this might be the other half of the before-mentioned SOLID team.

B linked...

It's official - if you're not online, you better get in line. The web is flourishing with it's second coming and we know it's here to stay. The B-Life has a lot of love for fellow bloggers and web authors, so every Tuesday we want to connect you to other hot sites. Today, "b linked" to one of our faves, STEREOHYPED. Lauren covers entertainment, news, and everything in between. Check out here coverage of Denise Rich's Angel Ball.

B (or nominate) a young visionary...

* Call all young Bob Johnson's, Susan Taylor's, & Diddy's*

The JI Group is opening the floor to nominations for emerging “movers and shakers” to be recognized at our Young Visionaries Awards (YVAs) Ceremony. Is your friend, partner or colleague someone who gets things done, move things along, have started their own business, or are rising stars in their industry, they affect positive change in our community, they are trendsetters, fashion leaders, information brokers and rainmakers—Young Visionaries are looked up to by their contemporaries, and are relied upon by many. Here’s your chance to let them know they are looked up to by nominating them to be recognized amongst their peers at the Joint Interest Group's 2008 YVAs Ceremony.

We will chose 10 emerging “movers and shakers” to be honored at our annual YVAs Ceremony because we believe that recognition is an important part of building awareness of the talent, commitment and abilities of our community.

Click here to submit a nomination.


B pink...

October is winding down, but it's not too late to catch one of the many wonderful items up for sale to raise money for breast cancer support and awareness. Good style is nice, but good style for a a great cause is an even better look.

Helen Ficalora 14K Pink Gold Charm - Price Upon Request
HC is popular for her initial pendants, but this one universally charming.

Ralph Lauren Ballet Top - $225
Laid-back and supportive ladies will love this Pink Pony ballet top.

Philosophy Shower For The Cure - $20

Philosophy's milky shower cream is a daily treat you can feel good about.

Cuisinart Pink Collection - Prices Vary

Cook for the cure with these ultra-cute appliances - love it! What a great excuse to lay off the takeout.

OPI Pink of Hearts - $7.50

A pink neutral shade works year-round for the well-manicured lady. This is a positively perfect way to show your support.

Delta Pink Plane
If you can't fly the friendly skies in Delta Pink Plane, buy a $2 bottle of pink lemonade on a Delta flight to support breast cancer awareness.

Sonia Kashuk Pink Brush Set - $20
We love Sonia's makeup brushes at Targe'. These are fun and girly, plus, chances are, you need to replace your brushes, so why not choose these?

B quoted...

"I like to work with the same people when I can, and you want to get people with the same interests that you have, and the same aesthetic." ~ Spike Lee

(Wow, don't we all...?)


B out...in NYC & SHOP!

Enjoy this weekend with a pre-Halloween house party (have fun Charlise) and get out your favorite costume! In the meantime, it's our duty to report the best sample sales in NYC! TGIF!

What: Lucky Shops!
When: Friday October 26th (12-7p); Saturday (10a-7p)
Where: Metropolitan Pavilion
Why: We heard this is the ULTIMATE sample sale experience with finds from Foley & Corinna, J Brand, MINT, Chloe and so much more!

What: Rachel Roy Sample Sale
When: Wed. October 31st - Fri. November 2nd
Where: 25 W. 39th St. (btw. 5th & 6th Aves.) - 14th Fl.
Why: We LOVE Rachel's ladylike approach to her collection. Plus, she's got a bun in the oven, so let's help her and Dame ensure a strong finish in the 4th quarter.


B adorned...

October is right-hand ring month, so here are 10 reasons to adore and adorn yourself!

  1. You have better taste than your man anyway!
  2. Our right hands are usually stronger than our left, so it can support the extra weight.
  3. Diamonds match EVERYTHING!
  4. Do you really need another handbag?
  5. As you sign checks, business contracts, and property titles, you can relish each victory with rock on your right hand.
  6. It's fun to anticipate receiving the perfect engagement ring, you need to shine in the meantime.
  7. You can always join in the conversation when your engaged/married girlfriends start chatting about their bling!
  8. It will give your man an idea of your taste (and your ring size).
  9. It’s a great way to begin your collection of family heirlooms – you can always pass it down to your daughter.
  10. Diamonds’ are a girls best friend – do you really need another reason?


B in the "right" city!

B-Life Committee member, Sean, sent us a link to a study about America's Favorite Cities, conducted by Travel & Leisure.
How did NYC measure up?

According to the results, New York City topped the list at #1 for Culture, Diversity, Shopping, Restaurants, People Watching, Sophistication, and Style among others. Where did the Big Apple fall short? We ranked last in Affordability (shocker) and almost bottomed out for Relaxation, and Friendliness. (I'd personally like to appeal the "Friendliness" score. Every time I get lost in Tribeca, someone is always happy to point me in the right direction!)

Atlanta's rankings were somewhat low and non-descript. It ranked second to last for Romantic Cities (only to Dallas). We'll write in to nominate ATL for the best beats of the moment. Agree?

Chicago was voted #1 for the Best Skyline and we totally agree! Have you ever driven up Lakeshore Drive during sunset? Gorgeous! Unfortunately, Chi-town ranked dead last for Weather. It's no secret the city is unlivable January & February.

Los Angeles is the land of the stars, which likely explains the #2 spot it grabbed for Luxury Boutiques and Shoes. On the downside, people consider it's residents to be least Intelligent.

Miami scored #1 for Clubbing and Attractive people, but bottomed-out in Culture and Intelligence. I'm convinced these qualities should be able to co-exist...but who am I?

New Orleans received favorable results (post-K) taking the #1 spot in Live Music, After-dark Clubbing, Cocktail Hours (NYC was #2), Wild Weekends, and overall Fun. Unfortunately, one of our favorite cities scraped the barrel in Cleanliness, Athletic People and Safety. Maybe that has something to do with all of those late night wild weekends...?

Washington DC came in a winner for the best Architecture, Museums, and Historical Sites. While the people were ranked #1 for Worldliness, they were also considered the least Fun, and (second most) Unattractive. Harsh...

For more results from the Travel & Leisure study, click here.

New York Homecoming

With homecomings being celebrated all over the country, a few promoters in NYC brought out the young, professional set by toasting the city we call our second (or first, third - whatevs) home. Our girls at Hourglass Events were kind enough to share a few photos from the event. (Cheers to our alumni friends from HU and the AUC!)

~Past Event~

We heard the party was live! Stay tuned for future HGE parties/collabos.


B gray (Gray's Anatomy)...

Trend Alert: Gray is definitely the new black!
Celebs are looking anything but drab as they rock this hue in NYC, Hollywood and everywhere in between. Why gray? Our bet is on the idea that gray emerged from the metallic craze that's been thriving for the last 2 seasons - but it's way more toned down. Gray is also the ultimate anti-earthy neutral - it's just too cool for school. Love it!


Claire/Naki - we need help!!! Please share...do you fashionistas have any clue where we can find this coat? Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it...



(He's rocking hues in the gray fam too!)






Need a few (very reasonably priced) suggestions to take your wardrobe down a few notches and get on the gravy train? Check out these pieces by Forever 21 and TwelveByTwelve.
This tweed spaghetti dress retails for $24.80. This piece goes from day to night since you can wear it to work with a fitted navy blazer and brandy colored boots and later that night to a benefit with a pair of black stilettos, a fur (real or faux) stole or a velveteen wrap and a chignon.
A mod tiered dress like this one lets you have your kix and eat 'em too. You get gray, color-blocking, and an empire waste all in one. It's like a sampler of the season's best for $29. When you look back at this dress you'll know exactly which year you bought it!
If you can only get one thing (just $29) - this should be it. This modern blouson turtleneck is a staple that can be rocked with skinny jeans and boots - too easy, yet so chic!

B quoted...

"I'm not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat." ~ Michael Jordan


B out this weekend...IN HOTLANTA!!!

In honor of the big SpellHouse homecoming, The B-Life is featuring "B out..." in ATL (our former city). You gotta love an alma mater that you want to keep going back to, even if you still have loans! All of our peeps are down there anyway, so here we go...

What: "Welcome to The Good Life"
When: Friday October 19th, 2007
Where: Django's
Why: threeKINGS bring add a little NY-couture to ATL's southern style.
Click here to RSVP.

What: Homecoming Party
When: Saturday October 20th
Where: Compound
Why: Compound is a hot one, and it's free for you and a guest. Can't beat that with a stick!