B (or nominate) a young visionary...

* Call all young Bob Johnson's, Susan Taylor's, & Diddy's*

The JI Group is opening the floor to nominations for emerging “movers and shakers” to be recognized at our Young Visionaries Awards (YVAs) Ceremony. Is your friend, partner or colleague someone who gets things done, move things along, have started their own business, or are rising stars in their industry, they affect positive change in our community, they are trendsetters, fashion leaders, information brokers and rainmakers—Young Visionaries are looked up to by their contemporaries, and are relied upon by many. Here’s your chance to let them know they are looked up to by nominating them to be recognized amongst their peers at the Joint Interest Group's 2008 YVAs Ceremony.

We will chose 10 emerging “movers and shakers” to be honored at our annual YVAs Ceremony because we believe that recognition is an important part of building awareness of the talent, commitment and abilities of our community.

Click here to submit a nomination.

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