Sex and the City!!!

To say that I'm excited for the release of Sex and the City the movie would be the understatement of the decade! As my co-worker properly stated, it's "a reason for living." So I'll leave you with that!

Sex and the City Movie Trailer

Wedding Scene Movie Spoiler - Proceed with caution!

(I personally couldn't bring myself to watch the entire thing.)


(Don't) b a toxic friend...

The concept of having and making friends has been important since we've been old enough to share the cookies in our lunchboxes. As we've gotten older, and moved away from our hometowns and families, friends play an even more critical role. FRIENDS = FAMILY. They're our support system, babysitters, financial advisers, and so much more! But at this point, we've all had the reckoning that it's about quality and not quantity.

While it's never easy to lose someone you call your girl, maintaining a toxic friendship only leads to more harm than good. If you can answer "yes" to any of the questions below, you may be engaging in a toxic friendship.


1. Dramatic Betty
Q: Is she the same friend that always threatens to take her earrings off at the club to fight even though she's only 120lbs, while simultaneously trying to find a reason that you need to break up with your man? (y/n)__

2. All-Important Betty
Q: Is she always "too busy", and the only time you see her is on her schedule even though you know she has a standing facial and shiatsu massage every week that she never misses? (y/n)__

3. Needy Betty
Q: Does she only call you when her car breaks down, she needs the spare keys you're holding or when she can't remember someone's phone number? Can you remember the last time ya'll just talked without you providing a service? Hmmm...(y/n)__

4. Debbie Downer Betty
Q: Is she always too hot, too cold, so broke, unbelievably tired, and fed up all at the same time? More importantly, does she always have something negative to say when you share good news? (y/n)__

5. In Da Club Betty
Q: When was the last time you saw her in the daylight? (Day/time)__
(Please note - this friend can serve a purpose. Just keep it in context.)

6. Back-to-me Betty
Q: If you're talking to her about a promotion you're up for, do you find yourself talking about her split ends (substitute: dying plants, new rash, or any other asinine topic) before you've completed your thought?(y/n)__

7. Insecure BettyQ: Does she make excuses not to tell you where she bought her shoes, introduce you to her new man, or how to find that cheap flight to St. Maarten, out of fear that you're going to take her spot?(y/n)__

8. Man-problems Betty
Q: Do her ups and downs with her man affect how good of a friend she is to you like someone with a gambling problem? When they're up, they are WAY up, but when they're down, it's bad news?(y/n)__

If you answered "yes" to 3 or more questions on the Toxic Friends quiz, take a step back and give your relationship careful observation for 2 weeks. If you had the same friend in mind and answered "yes" to all 8 questions - tell her to kick rocks!


B tubed!

Penny (aka. Mrs. Dupri) spoofs MTV's most popular reality shows!

Ms. Jackson does have a sense of humor. I know you're at work and this one is long, but wait until the end. Janet's "Diddy" is priceless.


B at La Esquina!

La Esquina has long been a NYC favorite, and I'm definitely drinking the juice. The food, the atmosphere, and the experience of "discovering" this restaurant all lends to the build up before indulging in a properly hyped Latin meal.

This seemingly unglamorous taqueria unfolds into a more formal dining area. But don't make a scene when you're directed to go down these dingy stairs and through the kitchen to get there. (Trust me, I almost went there until I saw other patrons exiting from the same path.)

(Try the Sangria while waiting - it's perfecto!)

Must order items:
1) Crabmeat Tostadas
2)Tinga de Pollo

At the end of the meal, our group was sufficiently fed and plotting our return trip. You can't really do better than that!

Ps. Definitely call ahead because reservations are a must. If you're desperate, you can always order from the taqueria and wait on it upstairs.


B quoted...

"...stylish women are born and not made."
June Ambrose, Effortless Style


B out this weekend...

I'm looking outside my window and the snow is falling. My plan is to stay in or b out and enjoy some good music this weekend. TGIF!

What: Heineken New Legends Series present - The Roots
When: Friday Feb. 22. (Shows begin at 7:30 & 11:30P)
Where: The Apollo Theater
Why: It's showtime at the Apollo!

What: Chrisette Michelle
When: Sunday Feb. 24 (Doors open at 6PM, show starts at 8PM)
Where: Highline Ballroom
Why: She's got that voice...


B in St. Maarten...

You could be here...
The Good Life Festival: April 23rd - 28th, 2008

St. Maarten







Exclusive -The B-Discount!!! (see below)

This is the ULTIMATE vacation for black professionals looking for the perfect getaway. No thinking required because the All Inclusive packages at the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino have you covered!

All Inclusive Package Rates (rates do not include airfare):
-Single Occupancy = $1220 or $1100 w/B-Discount
-Double Occupancy = $790 or $675 w/B-Discount
-Triple Occupancy = $725 or $615 w/B-Discount

- All Meals & Drinks

- Good Life Spa
, offering a wide range of beauty and body treatments and rejuvenating therapies, including spa packages

- Fitness Center, featuring state-of-the-art cardiovascular workout and weight training equipment

- Casino Royale, the island’s largest casino, featuring a live band, 400 slot machines, numerous table games and a private “high-roller” area (Plus, complimentary $20 Match Play Coupon)

- Maho Plaza is a shopper’s paradise with more than 40 fashionable shops and upscale boutiques, interspersed with a blend of 7 fine international restaurants.

- Q-Club, where you can dance the night away inside the island’s most pulsating, two story discotheque.

- Activities Desk to arrange leisure activities including golf, horseback riding, boating, water-sports and island excursions.

- 2 Freshwater swimming pools complete with sundeck lounge chairs overlooking the ocean. One with a swim up bar and the other more secluded.

- 4 Tennis courts, all-weather

- And so much more!

Activities Package Rates (mandatory):
Premium Package = $290 or $250 w/ B-Discount
Basic Package = $190 or $150 w/B-Discount
- The JI Group Good Life Official Festival Commencement Party at Bliss Outdoor Night

- Club by the beach

- The JI Group Good Life Festival Signature “White, Sandals & Stilettos” Mansion Party

- The Good Life Festival Concert at Carnival Village

- The JI Group Good Life Festival Enrichment Series for Young Professionals

- "Battle of the Sexes" on the Beach Party at Kon Tiki Restaurant French Side of the Island

- Sweet Escape All-Day Getaway to St. Bart's (Premium package only)

The B-Discount is being offered
exclusively through The B-Life for a limited time and is subject to change. Reserve your spot today. Contact us here for payment instructions. Email all inquiries directly to The B-Life. If you are interested in booking a "room-only", contact us directly.

For guaranteed B-Discount rates, reserve your spot by
Wednesday Feb. 27th


B print-perfect!

Standout with this Spring's hottest new pattern trends. Try them all, but just not at the same time! When looking for a pretty patterned frock, make sure to keep it floaty, feminine, and fun. Hair can be on par with the trend, but makeup and accessories should only complement, not compete.

Vince - $245
This time it's ok to stray outside of the lines. Now your fashion truly qualifies as a work of art!

Yaya Aflalo - $245
Be creative with "animal prints" this season. This bird-print dress makes a statement without roaring at us.

Urban Outfitters - $58
Florals have so many interpretations: Japanese, garden party, abstract, etc., so try them all. Ps. All florals don't have to be Laura Ashley pink, so take it to a new level.

Moon Katz - $258
Tie-dye is cool again, with colors that fade into a perfect day-to-evening dress with the right accessories.

Banana Republic - $168
Color blocking always looks cool and clean. Amp up the look with an shoe in an unexpected color.

Yaya Aflalo - $660
Ethnic prints are back again this Spring. Pick up something authentic from your next trip and turn it into high-fashion. (A little goes a long way!)

Zimmermann - $680
There's nothing more lady-like than a vintage inspired art deco dress. Heels and stud earrings are a must!


The JI Group Presents: A Conversation with Carla Harris

(Past Event)

Last week , The JI Group invited Carla Harris of Morgan Stanley to speak to a crowded room of young professionals for their annual black history program. Even the wintry snow couldn't keep away event attendees who were challenged and inspired by Mrs. Harris' advice.
Main takeaway: Get a sponsor and a mentor (and know the difference between the two).

The JI Group (Juan, Calcie, and Chris) with Mrs. Harris

"Carla's Pearls" were shared in a dynamic, yet relatable delivery.

The B-Life thanks The JI Group for hosting another successful program with a purpose!

To learn more about their trip to St. Maarten for The Good Life Festival, click here.