B at La Esquina!

La Esquina has long been a NYC favorite, and I'm definitely drinking the juice. The food, the atmosphere, and the experience of "discovering" this restaurant all lends to the build up before indulging in a properly hyped Latin meal.

This seemingly unglamorous taqueria unfolds into a more formal dining area. But don't make a scene when you're directed to go down these dingy stairs and through the kitchen to get there. (Trust me, I almost went there until I saw other patrons exiting from the same path.)

(Try the Sangria while waiting - it's perfecto!)

Must order items:
1) Crabmeat Tostadas
2)Tinga de Pollo

At the end of the meal, our group was sufficiently fed and plotting our return trip. You can't really do better than that!

Ps. Definitely call ahead because reservations are a must. If you're desperate, you can always order from the taqueria and wait on it upstairs.

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