B quoted...

"If you don't have a dream in life, I don't know what you have. You have to want something beyond your reach; it's exciting when it works out." ~ Liya Kebede


B at Lola!

Last week, several New Yorkers got together to support LOLA RESTAURANT with a two night after-work event. With it's spacious surroundings, this dining experience has an old school, meets modern luxe feel. Not to mention, the perfectly edited selection of Southern-Soul-Cajun food is as much of a draw as the vintage-posh setting.

Gardy Guerrier, Gary Grant and other NY tastemakers sought to attract a crowd to Lola to spread the word about this superb dining experience and to promote awareness about the challenges they've had since moving into the Soho location. Claims of racially motivated attacks from the Soho neighborhood alliance have prohibited Lola from playing live music at the venue due to the "element" that it might draw, and place other restrictions on the restaurant.

Lola, which is owned by an interracial couple, is an upscale dining establishment, so it's hard to believe that their neighbors would not welcome them with anything but open arms. As a result of the push-back, it's critical to support Lola in any way possible. Stop by for a drink, make a reservation, or simply spread the word to your friends. Not only will you help in stimulate business, but you'll leave with a guaranteed go-to spot anytime you're in the area.

15 Watts Street @ Thompson St., NYC









Happy "Born" Day Matt!

The B-Life sends a very special shout out to Matt on his big day! B on it and BG'08.... xo, Jen


What: Rebirth! 2008
When: Sat. 3/29 7-11PM
Where: Helen Mills Studios - 135 W. 26th St. @ 6th Ave.
Why: Celebrate achievements in black cinema with the New York Urban League of Young Professionals
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What: New York Condo Showcase
When: Sunday 3/30 12:30 - 7:00PM
Where: Puck Building - 295 Lafayette Street @ Houston
Why: Thinking about buying or upgrading? Check out over 40 buildings, grab a cocktail, and enjoy live jazz! Now that's an efficient use of a Sunday afternoon!
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B casted!

Ready for your fame, glory, and wealth...or maybe just 14.5 minutes of fame? Either way, lots of GREAT casting opportunities are out there for you to get your shine on...so b casted!

What: Project Runway
Who: Aspiring designers who aren't afraid to create couture from candy wrappers
How: B Linked!

What: The Tyra Show
Who: Brides and bridal parties battling cellulite before a big beach bachelorette trip. You and your girls can smooth it out by testing load of products for Tyra.
How: B Linked!

What: The Apprentice 5
Who: Savvy businessman/woman who can take on Trump and 11 other competitors without sweating...no stuttering either!
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B naked...

for a great cause, of course! How happy are New Yorkers that yellow cabs have added the TV-Taxi/credit card machine feature? I, who am mostly cashless, love it. But what's more is the fact that you can check the weather, PLUS, hear a few headlines on your ride to wherever! Just last week I learned about the Bottomless Closet while riding home after work. It's an organization created to provide deserving women with clothing to get back into the workforce. Much like Dress for Success, Bottomless Closet provides 2 suits to wear to an interview, but they also give grooming advice, interview tips, and offer to let members return for 3 additional work-appropriate outfits once they land a job!

After hearing about the organization I was already motivated to clean out my closet, but then I heard about Girls Night Out being held at the Harlem designer boutique - N, in support of Bottomless Closet. Clearly, the stars are aligned - and just in time for spring cleaning! Not only will you be able to make a donation to a great cause, but you can make room for a few new pieces, have a cocktail, support business in Harlem, and receive a 15% discount at N to get your Spring shopping started. It's a win-win all around!


When: Thursday 3/27 6-8PM
Where: N Boutique - 114 W. 116th St.
Why: see above :)


B Tubed...with a political outlook

As Americans get even more involved in the race for the Democratic nomination, take a quick peak at how people are using the web, and YouTube to speak out for their favorites. Zoe Kravitz (looking very much like a mini-Denise Huxtable) leads the Obama video, proving that young voters want to be heard. And the Hillary video wants us to know that she has a softer, crushable side too...

"Hot 4 Hill"

"We Are the Ones"


B out this weekend!

Spring is in the air...? Eh, almost. Either way, it's time to come out of hibernation!
xo, The B-Life

When: Thursday 3/20. 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Friday 3/21 & Saturday 3/22 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18 St., b/t Sixth & Seventh Aves., 4th flr.
Why: Samantha almost cut Lucy Liu for her Hermes in the old SATC days. Now you can get yours for the cheap (relatively speaking)!

When: Saturday 3/22 - 7PM
Where: The Flea Theatre - 1 White St., between Broadway and Church St., three blocks south of Canal St.
Why: For $45 you can support an independent play production about New Orleans starring actors from The Wire, NYPD Blue, and Friday Night Lights, get insight from the cast in a special Q&A, and receive comped admission to the threeKings afterparty at Canal Room.
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B a (financially) responsible dater...

As of late, the topic of dating etiquette has come into question around my office. Should a guy always pay? Should a girl always offer? The ladies at the magazine were definitely divided, which is why I commissioned a co-worker to come up with a few helpful tips to ease some of the awkwardness that arises at the end of the date.

Written by: Tara M. Guillaume

1. Guys, foot the bill on the first date, especially if you extended the invitation. Don't let the the tension build while the check sits on the table.

2. Ladies, let the man be a man. Your first date is not the time to proclaim how financially-able you are by picking up the tab. Concentrate on your date, not the check.

3. Ladies & gents - only accept a date from someone you are attracted to or could potentially like, not because you want a free meal. Anything else is utterly selfish and inconsiderate.

4. Ladies, there's nothing wrong with asking a guy for a date. Men love it. But be prepared to pay. Arrange with the maitre d' to have the bill sent directly to you or pre-pay the bill. Most importantly, don't expect for your date to pick up the check just because he's a man. While it's nice for him to pay, know that ultimately the check is on you.

5. Ladies, don't feel obligated to reciprocate "payment" with a kiss, sex, or cash.

6. Keep convo light around bill time. Don't speak about finances right before the check arrives - otherwise it sounds like you're leading him to pay.

7. Men, stop rifling through your wallet. Always come prepared for the date you initiated. Stop off at the ATM or your friend's house for whatever ends you need to pay for your date.

The B-Life Financial Dating Tips (just a few more):
  • General rule of thumb - the man should fully handle the first 3 dates
  • Ladies, don't just be polite and pretend to offer to pay if you don't have it. Once the offer is made, he might actually accept - whether you think it's appropriate or not.
  • After a couple has gone on several dates (3 or more), the woman should start pitching in and cover some outings. Asking a woman to tip is a great transitional step to sharing financial responsibilities.
  • Guys, if you're meeting your girl's friends for the first time in a social setting, offer the entire group a round of drinks on you (or coffee or pick up the lunch tab). A little bit goes a long way.

Happy Birthday Christian!

(Past event)

This weekend 2 of NY's favorite promoters took over Element to celebrate good times, and the return of warmer temperatures. The B-Life is shouting out one birthday boy for throwing his first birthday party EVER!

Christian Grant-Fields

Mike and Elkhair from Triumph & threeKINGS def. put their stamp on the event.

Uptown girls made it happen on a Sat. night.

Danielle & Aden effortlessly run the show. (Thanks for the hospitality!)

Harold & Jozen kicked it like it was '02!

PYTs - Raves & D!

Court & Mone - always the coolest brothas in the club!

ATL's finest!

NY get your hands up! Moore & Gardy graced the scene.

Cutest duo - love it!

B-Life faves! Ross, Morgan, and Tiffany came thru!

A look of satisfaction? I think so!

Once again, happy b-day CGF!


B quoted....

"I decided to give up candy for lent...so, you wanna grab ice cream instead?" ~ Raves, Fort Greene, Brooklyn


B out this weekend!

What: Triumph presents...Fire
When: Saturday 3/15
Where: Element
Why: It's a joint venture with threeKINGS so you know this is the one.
To RSVP email: info@triumphlifestyle.com

(Happy Birthday Christian! I liiike it!)

What: Feedback Party
When: Saturday 3/15
Where: Katra
Why: You just got paid and Katra is ultra sexy.


B active...

Spring is in the air, and bathing suit season is almost upon us! It's not always easy to get a full workout between late nights at the office, after work commitments, and social outings. Here are a few tips to sneak little exercise into your uber-busy schedule.

We all love to snooze as long as possible, but a morning work out gets exercising out of the way before you have your morning brew. Plus, you'll have tons of energy throughout the day!

2. WATCH TV...
It sounds crazy, but Exercise On Demand (1025 on Time Warner Cable in NYC) has several great options for workouts that you can do in 15 minute to 1 hour increments.

Stop transferring and walk a few extra blocks or across town to get to your destination. 10 extra blocks a day will go a long way.

Love going out with your folks for brunch on Sat. morning? Meet up for a fun boxing or strip tease class before ordering that mimosa.

Does your job have a corporate gym? Sign up and use it!

We know you have a lot of work to do, but getting feta stuck in your keyboard is never a good look. Now that it's warming up, use your hour-long lunch break to drop off dry cleaning or exchange those too-small shoes. Adding a little movement to your regularly sedentary work day will get your heart pumping and allow you to burn a few extra calories.


B a star supporter!

As the Democratic primaries heat up, celebrities are coming out in droves to support their favorite candidates. Not only are they vocalizing their preferences and donating campaign money, they're getting our celeb-crazed culture even more excited about the election with custom music videos and movie interstitials. Take a look at how a few stars have lent their names and time to get their favorite democrat the nomination.

In Obama's camp, notables include:

Oprah Winfrey

Will Smith

Scarlett Johansson

In Clinton's camp, star supporters include:

Eva Longoria

Jack Nicholson

Kimora Lee Simmons