B young, black and fabulous!

The B-Life loves YBF's celebrity coverage as much as the rest of the universe, but today we're giving props to the young, black, and fabulous rising stars among us.

Dionne McDaniel is not just a pretty face, she's a Howard University alumna with a big dream. Excuse us... it's actually The GIANT Dream: I want to be a...model! Dionne was hand picked by Selita Ebanks and Tyson Beckford to participate in this ultra fierce competition, but now it's our turn to keep her in the game. The winner will receive a spread in GIANT Magazine, so the stakes are high. To vote for Dionne and check out the other models (male and female) edging their way to the finish line, click here.

B on a rooftop...part 2.

As promised, we're delivering the 2nd installment of NYC rooftop reviews. We've been busy researching the most desired summer spaces in the city. We recommend you do a little research of your own before it starts to cool.

Part Deux

What: Private Park @ Hudson Hotel
Where: 356 W. 58th St.
Rooftop Appeal
: So it's not exactly a rooftop, in the sense that it's on the topmost part of the tallest building, but it is the "rooftop" of the 1st floor....does that make sense? Either way, you MUST go and have a drink at this pretty, outdoor, roof-like space. You won't have to deal with snooty entrance policies, but you might have to keep a competitive eye out for an open table on a pretty day.

What: Soho House
Where: 29 9th Ave. #35
Rooftop Appeal: On the other hand, if you want a completely exclusive experience, head to the members-only Soho House rooftop...and we don't mean "members-only", or model-chicks, or people willing to tip a benji to the girls working the front desk....YOU WILL GET PLAYED. Even Samantha on Sex and The City had a hard time getting into this spot. But if you become a member or visit as a guest of a member, the experience is well worth it. There's an amazing vibe that's reminiscent of South Beach and the French Riviera.
(Thanks to Juju and Dr. Grant for a fun night!)

What: Rooftop Garden & Plunge Pool @ Hotel Gansevoort *B-Life Pick*
Where: 18 9th Ave.
Rooftop Appeal: For a guaranteed good time, this rooftop garden at the Gansevoort offers the most spectacular views of the city. The wrap-around loungy rooftop has tables all surrounding the perimeter, providing more seating than most. It also encloses a rooftop garden for a change scenery. Lovely! (Tip: Call ahead to make sure the roof is open to the public on a particular night.)

What: Tribeca Rooftop
Where: 2 Debrosses Street
Rooftop Appeal: If you want a uniquely lofty (in more ways than one) experience for a private event, this rooftop is the way to go. The space offers a more formal , yet still breezy reception/dining/dancing 20,000 sq. ft. area, with an awe-inspiring rooftop above. There's nothing wrong with aiming high!


B a rockstar (and presidential candidate)!

How much does good looks, a little flavor and overall charisma have to do with who we choose to date, hire, and elect for president? It's no secret Barack Obama is a great package with policies and ideologies that represent hope and change for Americans.
Let's take a closer look at how B. Obama has garnered a rockstar appeal over the last several years...

It all began with a moving rally cry at the 2004 Democratic National Convention...

He's a family man, with a gorgeous and outspoken wife who conjures the idea of a new-age white-house power couple. (Think Bill and Hillary c. 1992.)

He's a charmer while Hill remains all business all the time.

He's published, so we have insight into his personal side. (And he can put together more than 3 sentences, which is more than we can say for you know who...).

Not to mention, America's First Lady, Oprah Winfrey, stepped out of her usual non-artisan box and publicly endorsed Senator Obama. She also hosted a fundraiser for the candidate at her Montecito home.

He makes a great cover"man"! (We cannot use "boy" for a presidential - sorry!)

He has the support of Hollywood's leading ladies, like Halle Berry...
and Hollywood's leading groupies, like Kim Kardashian. Nonetheless, they're an attractive group of supporters!

He's featured in the celebrity weeklies like People Magazine.

Barack hangs out with the Hip Hop in-crowd like Ludacris.

And last but not least, he has a music video. We can't say he had anything to do with this craziness, but he is in heavy rotation on YouTube.

Who knows? Maybe we'll all be partying like rockstars (a.k.a Obama) in 2008. To donate to the campaign, click here.


B inspired...(2 for 1)

"I'm far from being god, but I work god damn hard."

"I was forced to be an artist and a CEO from the beginning, so I was forced to be like a businessman because when I was trying to get a record deal, it was so hard to get a record deal on my own that it was either give up or create my own company."


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B out...This Weekend (in NYC)!

Rain is in the forecast this weekend so head to SmarterTravel to book a last minute adventure. But if you're bound to NYC, we still have a few recommendations...just B out!

What: NY International Latino Film Festival
When: Saturday July 28th (4pm - Music; 8pm - Film)
Where: Riverbank State Park
Why: "I feel pretty, and witty, and..." and I LOVE Westside Story!

What: Triumph Entertainment presents...Ultra
When: Saturday July 28th
Where: Ultra Lounge - 37 W. 26th Street
Why: It'll be a good crowd, but if you go, come correct!

What: A Great Day in Harlem
When: Sunday July 29th (Rain date: Sunday August 5th) 12 - 9PM
Where: Ulysses S. Grant National Memorial Park (Riverside Dr. btw. 120th & 124th Sts.)
Why: It's a 4-part series that includes: Broadway musical performances, a gospel caravan, a NY fashion show, a tribute to the legendary James Brown, and more! That's a HUGE bang for your buck - especially since it's free.

What: Farewell to Copeland's
When: Last day of business - Sunday July 29th
Where: 547 W. 145th
Why: It's your last chance to patronize the restaurant that Harlemites have been flocking to for decades.


B excused...

Sorry folks! If you didn't catch the videos in our previous post, "B fallible", we sincerely apologize. I'm sure execs from BMG/Sony were hemmed up by Papa Knowles and forced to do a clean sweep of any Destiny's Child "falling/collapsing/busting your A$$"-related videos. But we must say, we're kinda feeling that father-daughter overbearing love and protection, along with the fact that our man has SO much pull. Do your thing Matty! If only Lynn Spears had a little more authority...

But in the meantime we'll leave you with another video that some may consider similar in nature...there's music, dancing, and our subject spends a good part of the time on the floor. Check out our favorite flavorette Deelishis in her debut video "RumpShaker".
[ We promise to resume normal PC programming right after this post :) ]


B fallible...

(CNN is still gansta enough to keep the Beyonce' video up. Click here to get it.)

Everyone makes mistakes...no seriously, everyone. We hesitated to post this because we like to uplift our people, but every now and then, you just have to laugh. There won't be any Beyonce'-bashing, Kelly-hating, or all around WTF's about Michelle, but we will take you on a walk (or fall) down memory lane. Sit back and press play as you watch the fallible fobbles of our favorite female phenoms. If they had known this was in their destiny, they would have worn kneepads.

Beyonce's fall: Like anything else, when B goes for it, she goes hard. You have to respect her lightening speed recovery and optimism. Sorry, B, we had to post - we still love you, though!

Kelly's fall: Some thought it might be a PR stunt, but either way, it looked like it hurt.

Michelle's fall: Unfortunately her peeps looked like her like they didn't know her, but she bounced back like a soldier.


B grown (and sexy!)

We all remember that awkward stage, along with those of our favorite girls' next door. Who knew that America's sweethearts would turn out to be (eh hem) so grown?

Keshia Knight-Pulliam
Keshia (a.k.a. Rudy) reached her pre-teens as a Huxtable, but left the public eye to finish school and become a Spelman woman.

The Mowry Twins
These twins have definitely blossomed and grown into their looks. Tia, in particular, has some game we can learn from.

Meagan Good
Perhaps, Meagan was always the original good girl, gone bad. She has a body, and knows how to use it. Proceed with caution.

Nia Long
The real soap heads remember Nia from her Guiding Light days. Now, she's officially the black starlet we've been eyeing for years.

Maia Campbell
Maia has been a cutie since she hit the scene on In the House. We wish her well as she deals with recent issues in her personal life.


Olivia's sassy and determined demeanor may have been improvised by the young actress. This mogul in the making has not only grown into a beautiful woman, but she also runs it...That's so Raven!
Gabrielle Union

Gabby brought it as a "teen queen", but her grown and sexy swagger has kept us in awe since the late 90s.

Kellie Williams
Ahh...Laura Winslow. The most chased after girl next door on the list. I wonder what Urkel (or better yet Stefan Erkel) would have to say now?

Kyla Pratt
Kyla was a cute kid that packed a mean punch. Now she's stylish, but still able to maintain that down-to-earth quality. We can't wait to see what come next for our girl.

Reagan Gomez-Preston
Zaria Peterson was the fantasy of many young boys back in the day. Since then, not much has changed. Reagan is still making them salivate thanks to KING Magazine.

Tatyana Ali
Tatyana (aka Ashley Banks) always played a very believable good girl. When she grew up, recorded a few albums, and opted for an Ivy education, we weren't surprised. She makes being a child star look like a cake walk.

Jurnee Smollett
Does this surprise you as much as it surprised us!?! Jurnee used to talk smack on Full House, and she later commanded the big screen in Eve's Bayou, but wait...when did this girl get this old? Maybe she had a premonition and forgot to tell us.