B fallible...

(CNN is still gansta enough to keep the Beyonce' video up. Click here to get it.)

Everyone makes mistakes...no seriously, everyone. We hesitated to post this because we like to uplift our people, but every now and then, you just have to laugh. There won't be any Beyonce'-bashing, Kelly-hating, or all around WTF's about Michelle, but we will take you on a walk (or fall) down memory lane. Sit back and press play as you watch the fallible fobbles of our favorite female phenoms. If they had known this was in their destiny, they would have worn kneepads.

Beyonce's fall: Like anything else, when B goes for it, she goes hard. You have to respect her lightening speed recovery and optimism. Sorry, B, we had to post - we still love you, though!

Kelly's fall: Some thought it might be a PR stunt, but either way, it looked like it hurt.

Michelle's fall: Unfortunately her peeps looked like her like they didn't know her, but she bounced back like a soldier.


jaja said...

Karma is a B!

Ms. B said...

i don't think it has anything to do with Karma....

eclectik said...

NOTHING is funnier than the Michelle ish...they treated her like she was the 6th member of a 3 girl group

They didnt have to do her that dirty, even if she looks like Scrappy Do



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