B out...this weekend in NYC

What: Shomburg Nights
When: Friday November 30th 6-9PM
Where: Shomburg Library, 515 Lenox Ave. (@ 135th St.
Why: Networking, poetry, and a DJ will ease you into the weekend while experiencing live and stationary art. Plus, light hor d'ouvres, desserts and a wine bar will be available.




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Check out AroundHarlem for more happenings in NYC. This event is tonight!

B tubed

It was one of the biggest crossover hits of the 90's! Now that's love!

Thanks L-Rod!



'Tis the season to give, but all I can think about are all the goodies I can nab at 2 of my 3 favorite sample sales in NYC. (DVF is the only one that's missing.) The Theory Women's Sample Sale will allow you to stock up on basic tees and tanks that usually cost $50+, cashmere sweaters, and separates to upgrade you work attire. Be prepared to stand in long lines, but yes, it's worth th wait!

If you have any spending money left, head to Catherine Malandrino next week. This time pick up one or two playful dresses to add sophisticated fun to your wardrobe. It's best to choose something that is signature Catherine so that you feel like you're wearing one of her pieces when you pull it out of your closet. It's also easier to justify the purchase when everyone comes up to you and says, "Girl, I always wanted that Catherine Malandrino dress!" And you got it for a fraction of the cost! Love it!

B-Life Tip: Always surf the web before you go to a sample sale so you can get a better idea of the potential selection and retail prices. This way, you'll REALLY know a bargain when you see one at the sale. Plus, if you fall in love with something on the Internet, just imagine how great it will feel when you spot it at the sample sale and quickly snatch it before anyone else does!


NOOCH - Restaurant Review

When my former book club converted to a dinner club (sad, I know), we were too excited to try out Nooch. Chandra, our hostess, promised a great Japanese-Thai fusion meal at an affordable price, and she was right! $16 covered the price of my meal with tax and tip, but the girls who indulged in the yummy cock-tinis pitched in a bit more.

It's conveniently located on 143 8th Ave. (at 17th St.).

Colorful decor and graphics define the space.

(Read a book!)

This Yaki Udon was good...

but the Pad See Oui Gai was the best noodle dish on the menu.

DJ Tables (so appropriate!)

(fully stocked bar)

Stay tuned for the next dinner club review. L.Rod, you gotta bring it!

B engaged...

Black love is beautiful so The B-Life wants to congratulate Natalie and Rich on their recent engagement!


Happy Thanksgiving!

The B-Life is on vacation for Thanksgiving, but we're thankful you check us out on the daily. Travel safely, eat well, and we'll see you next week!
xo, Jen
(Ps. This picture is a dead giveaway, but any clue where I'm going? Love it!)


Happy Birthday Raves!

Raves! You're BK's finest and we're honored to celebrate your special day. NYC misses you, but we're glad you're holding it down in DC!
xo, Jen



The B-Life loves to celebrate young urban professionals who are doing it daily! It's an inspiration to meet people who have "dream jobs" and are passionate about the way in which the earn their living.

Thanks to
Hayes Grooms IV for sharing his story with us!
Hayes Grooms IV

Who do you represent?

I represent Braylon Edwards, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns.
Braylon Edwards

How did you get involved with your current client?
We are great childhood friends, and college roommates, so Braylon was aware of my involvement in the sports business first as an athlete, my various internships, and my major in Sports Business. Prior to my graduation, he made an offer I couldn’t refuse.

NFL athletes usually have a lot of people on their teams (publicists, agents, managers, etc.) – what is the role of a manager?
The role of the manager is to function as a direct extension to all matters concerning business on and off the field. They’re the liaison between the publicist, agent, and marketing execs so that we’re all in alignment with the client’s goals and expectations. The manager ensures all necessities are met.

What are some of the perks of the job?
Traveling to different cities, attending A-list events and premier parties, meeting like-minded professionals and perhaps having dinner or drinks with a celebrity or two.

…and the pitfalls?

You have to be constantly switched “on”. The position is time demanding, 24/7, always on call, always on you’re A-game in every environment and setting. You have to be extremely conscientious of how you conduct yourself as you’re a direct link and public connection to
your client.

Are NFL groupies a reality? If so, how do you deal with it?
Yes. It is a reality. The term groupie applies to both men and females. Some people have a desire to live the good life so they crowd stars. They want to be in the same setting. They want to be seen affiliating with celebrities as if its their world and their reality.

What is a typical day for you?
Hundreds of phone calls and emails, constantly checking in with the people who have dealings with the client’s off-field endeavors, meetings, conference calls, brainstorm sessions, a day filled with constant motion on initiatives we aim to accomplish.

Do you plan to retire as a manager, or do you have other aspirations in Sports?
Retirement? Hey, I’m just getting started. However, I do see myself involved in the sports industry for many years to come. I look forward to how my career evolves. Seriously, right now, I can’t even think about slowing down. I have so much to learn and achieve.

If you had to do something else, what would it be?
I would have loved to play professional basketball. I think they do pretty well. (Ha, I think so!)

How do you deal with the schedule/travel?
Traveling is tough, two to three cities a week, which can be draining. Then again, I’m keen on constant movement. Yet, at times, I’d like to be home relaxing, but when I’m on the road I like everything to go as smoothly as possible. Travel can bring forth all sorts of delays and problems, so I’m efficient in my planning. And a good play-list is always handy on long flights.

Who/what inspires you?
My family is a tremendous inspiration to me. I’ve watched and studied them since I was little and I’m constantly moved by what my father, mother and sister have all accomplished thus far. I also emulate other successful people who I deem to have the necessary attributes for greatness. I’m a sponge around people who live their dreams. Whether, they’re in sports, medicine, arts, or business—I admire individuals who fuse their passion with their unique skills and then relentlessly pursue it.

Any funny anecdotes about being on the job/road?
Unpredictability. You never who you’ll meet or what type of situation you’ll run into.

Any suggestions for breaking into the business of sports?
Become a mini or full-fledge expert on your interested sport and field. Study everything—all the facts, movers and shakers, corporations, marketing firms. Find out as much as you can and then match your research to your skills and where you’d like to be. Networking is another major component. Make it known what you want to and claim your intended path. Then do your best through school, internships, and experience to keep yourself on your ultimate track.

B a dreamer (and a do-er)...!

B quoted...

"Normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine." ~ Whoopi Goldberg

B spotted...

Chris Tucker and Kevin Liles were spotted dining together at Da Silvano last Thursday...This Italian eatery is known as a hot spot for it's celebrity patrons and their DELICIOUS meals. The hype is well worth it - the lobster gnocchi is to die for!
"I ain't one to gossip, but..." we LOVE to know what's hot, new, and now, so let us know who you spot and where. We won't tell :)


B out this weekend...

Weekend outlook:
Get cozy...relax with your boo & friends...make it a blockbuster night...start your holiday decorating/menu/shopping.
Stay warm! xo, Jen

What: 7th on Sale
When: Friday November 16-18th
Where: 69th Regiment Armory (26th St. at Lexington Ave.)
Why: Amazing designer duds up for grabs. All proceeds go to AIDS/HIV research. Click here for additional info.

What: Seasoned to Perfection Trunk Sale
When: Saturday,November17th & Sunday,November18th 1pm–7pm
Where: 222 West 132nd Street, Suite1 (btw. Frederick Douglas & Adam Clayton Powell)
Why: The cold weather could only hold off for so long. Let Seasoned to Perfection keep you warm and looking fresh this upcoming winter in their one‐of‐a‐kind vintage sweaters, blazers, outerwear, hats and more! Plus: Complimentary wine and bubbly will keep you extra toasty.

Bonus: If you haven't seen this already - take advantage. 30%??? That's like an employee discount! Remember those days? :)


B warm...

Why put thought into an outfit when we're mostly sporting winter coats, as opposed to the the trendy duds underneath them? If you're in the market for outerwear, go for a coat with bold color, fun details, or a unique design. We might as well express our personal style while trying to stave off the winter chill. Here are a few of our favorites!

Mint Jodi Arnold Belted Coat - $759
Mackage Cape - $495
Alice & Olivia Brocade Jacket - $440
Gryphon Sequin Admiral Coat - $940
Mint Jodi Arnold Cargo Coat - $385 (SALE PRICE)

MARC by Marc Jacobs Courdory Jacket - $498

B linked...

Ladies and Gents, you may know a thing or two SHOP-A-HOLISM. If so, you're not alone. Check out The Visa Diaries: Tales of Life and Love Through Shopping. Our blog author takes us through smart and surprisingly insightful prose about the acquisition of clothing and beyond...I'm sure many of us can relate to her passion (eh hem..affliction).

B tubed...

Beanie Sigel, is that you??? Back, back - can we get 50 feet? Thx.


B told...Part II

Written by: Dana Orr, Esq.
Pictured(L-R): Dana, Emily. Two of the best who've done it!

4. Travel.
Do you have a passport? If not, get one. Before you are saddled with the responsibilities of a job and a family, take advantage of your freedom and travel. Instead of buying a new outfit, buy a plane ticket. See other parts of the world and observe other cultures. More importantly, have fun! Plan a trip with a friend to a social event in another city, a beach on an island, or a city in a foreign country. Capture your memories with photos or in a diary (or a blog). You will cherish them forever.

3. Be Proud To Be Black.
Black culture and heritage is based on strength, perseverance, and rich talents. You should have an overwhelming sense of cultural pride - as black people, we are so very special. Don’t EVER feel as if you aren’t equal to another person simply because you’re black. If you have any question as to the importance of black people to our society, or how smart, beautiful, talented, funny and fascinating we are, start reading. Watch old movies. Read plays. Go see plays. Buy tickets for dance and musical performances. Seek opportunities to study academic topics involving, or related to, black people. Talk to your relatives that lived through some of the historical events you’ve heard about. Get on the Internet and study people with whom you’re familiar. Keep in mind, black pride doesn’t mean exclusion of others. It is most impressive when you seek to educate other cultures about the beauty and greatness of being black.

2. Have a Cause.
As long as you’re here, it is your duty as a human being to help make the world a better place. Let your natural talents and passion lead you to an issue that keeps your attention, and to which you can commit your time and money. Get involved with groups that already exist. If your particular cause is new or unique, start your own group and make your friends join. Helping others is an easy way to feel good about yourself, and invest in the future of your community.

1. Love Yourself.
This is #1 and most important, yet challenging, mission to accomplish. Self-love is critical to survival at any age, and may be quite a personal journey. Loving yourself means recognizing, developing and honoring a sense of self-worth. Loving yourself means you have zero tolerance for anyone or anything that doesn’t love you and respect you. Loving yourself also means you must treat yourself well, simply because no one else will do it for you.


Sending our love...

We're sending our love to Kanye West and family after the loss of his mother, Donda West. According to her publicist, Patricia Green, Donda passed away "as the result of complications from a cosmetic surgical procedure."
As the retired chair of the English department at Chicago State University, 58 year old Donda West was a black mother who served as a role model who Kanye not only loved, but respected. It was great to see that in hip-hop when we hear so much about black mothers who are "crack fiends", "locked up", or otherwise absent in the lives of figures like 50 Cent, Keyshia Cole, and others.
Donda was a huge supporter of her son and could be seen with him at the Grammy's, on tour stops, and at book stores all over the country when she promoted her book, Raising Kanye: Life Lessons from the Mother of a Hip-Hop Superstar.

Donda raised Kanye as a single mother from a young age, and her personal accomplishments are as telling as the accomplishments of her son, who is known to throw in a "mama said..." lyric into many of his most popular songs.

Losing a loved one - a parent - a mother - is one of the most difficult things to get through, but we know what doesn't kill Kanye, will indeed make him stronger. We wish Kayne and his family our deepest condolences during this time. Let's also take the time to celebrate the positive force Donda brought to Kayne and all those she touched.

B quoted...

"(Hey Mama), I wanna scream so loud for you, cuz I'm so proud of you
Let me tell you what I'm about to do, (Hey Mama)
I know I act a fool but, I promise you I'm goin' back to school
I appreciate what you allowed for me
I just want you to be proud of me (Hey Mama)"
*Hey Mama, Late Registration, Kanye West*


B out this weeked...NYC

It's going down in NYC! You gotta love it when white lights get hung for the holidays and the stars return from their summer jaunts. The benefits, the sales, the concerts, the parties...all good times! Here's a taste of what's in store this weekend. Enjoy!

What: Welterweight Fight - Sugar Shane Mosley V. Miguel Cotto
When: Saturday November 10th, 2007
Where: Madison Square Garden
Why: 12 rounds (if they last that long)...

What: JI Group Presents...The Three Rs: REIN. REIGNS. RAINMAKER.
When: Saturday November 10th, 2007
Where: Loft
Why: JI brings out the best of the best. Enjoy a night with NYC's urban elite. Happy B-Day Juan!
Click here to RSVP.

What: Jay-Z Concert
When: Tuesday November 13th, 2007
Where: Apollo Theater
Why: He's our American Gangster.
Click here for ticket info.

Happy Birthday Courtney!

She's the REAL DEAL HOLY HILL! Happy b-day to Courtney, our favorite GA Peach (second from left)!
We're partying in NYC this weekend, but keep holding down the A!

xo, Jen


B tubed...

Is it just me, or do ya'll still love this song? These kids are gettin' it...too bad they don't know what they're dancing to. Pure comedy, nonetheless! (Thanks Renee')

B fat?

This cover is almost a week old, but I just keep coming back to it..."200lbs and loving it?" What??? While it's great to have body confidence, is that really sending the right message? Pleasantly Plump, Large and in Charge, Real Women? Yikes! Are we just making ourselves and others feel better about the ever-growing problem of obesity in America, or are these labels appropriate? There's a fine line between accepting yourself and accepting poor health.
I love Tyra, but wasn't feeling the "So What?" campaign she led, demanding that viewers and celeb guests say "so what?" to issues like love handles, pimples, and belly rolls. Interesting considering she returned for her new season, visibly thinner...
The temperatures have dropped, it's getting darker sooner and there are lots of temptations around (be it comfort food to stay warm or the holiday cookies that infiltrate our offices), so it's important to stay active and be mindful of our intake.
B-Life Tip: Gyms usually offer deep membership discounts during the winter. Try to catch a deal!


Happy B-Day Morgan!

When when say b-day, that's no mistake. The B-Life wants to honor one of our favorite NYC magazine/promoter-chick imports from the dirty south.
Cheers Morgi!

xoxo, Jen

B linked...

"I met this girl when I was three years old
And what I loved most she had so much soul"~ Common (1st)/Kanye West

They don't call it a web for nothing! Today we're connecting you to Chi-town's finest to introduce you to the new blog, ChicaGoGetter.
Chica is def. living it up in the midwest.
Get 'em!

B discounted!

Check it!

B told....Part I

"He" might be checking who's been naughty or nice with the holidays quickly approaching...if you haven't gotten your hand caught in the cookie jar lately, do a quick check to see if you've followed these "grown woman" rules. Thanks to dedicated B-Lifer, Dana, for supplying these helpful tips. She has her ish together, so we should definitely take notes!

Written by: Dana Orr, Esq.
Pictured(L-R): Dana, Emily. Two of the best who've done it!

Friendship is not charity, it’s a give-and-take relationship. Your friends should be people you love, admire and respect. Don’t be afraid to expand, or change your circle of friends. As you get older, you may head in a different direction than those you once considered your “best friends forever”. As you evolve and mature, you may grow apart from friends who no longer fulfill you - it’s ok! Hold this person in your heart, but be true to yourself when devoting time, energy and emotion to anyone you seriously consider a “friend”.

Self-reinvention is a way to constantly reflect and assess your goals and priorities in your personal, academic and professional life. The concept of self-reinvention allows you to reconsider your lifestyle and, at any given moment, change a particular course of action. The beauty of this process is that you don’t have to beat yourself up about behavior you consider undesirable. You should actually feel great that you have enough sense to realize the error of your ways (whatever they may be), and can spontaneously commit to change. Congratulations - you just solved a problem!

HIV/AIDS is the #1 killer of black women ages 19-27 in America. You are not corny or lame if you insist on an HIV test before having sex with someone. In fact, you’re stupid to give up responsibility for your health and put your life in someone else’s hands. Please DO NOT FALL FOR the age-old trick: “Look at me - what am I supposed to do now?!” All men masturbate. Politely tell your partner that he should focus on “self- love” until you’re certain that he deserves to enter your temple.

People who love themselves and recognize their worth are unable to be jealous of others. Why? You should be so preoccupied with loving yourself and changing what you don’t like, you have no time to worry about what others are doing. Being jealous of someone is a waste of energy. You cannot control other people and the choices they make, or the luck they have. Weak people let other’s circumstances affect their self-love and/or self-worth. Resist the temptation to be envious, as it will get you nowhere. If anything, let other people motivate you to achieve certain goals for yourself.

Embrace that which makes you a woman, and by all means, take advantage of the privileges that we have. Force men around you to treat you with the respect they would their mother, aunt or sister. Insist that your doors be opened for you, order your food first in a restaurant, and sit in the front seat if you are the only female in the car. There is nothing wrong with being “pleasantly demanding”. Along with the privilege of womanhood comes a certain responsibility. Being a true “lady” means you exhibit manners that would make your grandmother proud, your clothes are tasteful and appropriate for your age, and your hair and nails are always clean. These little things make a big difference in how you are viewed by outsiders, and the quality of men that you attract.

Staying in touch with what’s going on in the world is very important. Not only is it important to be aware of national and global issues, it makes you a lot more interesting to others because you always have something to talk about. It doesn’t take much to watch the news, read the newspaper online, or buy an issue of TIME magazine or Newsweek. Don’t forget - parents and teachers are a great source of information on current events, and would love to have a conversation with you about something “serious”.

Thanks Dana - love it! Part II coming soon!