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Hayes Grooms IV for sharing his story with us!
Hayes Grooms IV

Who do you represent?

I represent Braylon Edwards, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns.
Braylon Edwards

How did you get involved with your current client?
We are great childhood friends, and college roommates, so Braylon was aware of my involvement in the sports business first as an athlete, my various internships, and my major in Sports Business. Prior to my graduation, he made an offer I couldn’t refuse.

NFL athletes usually have a lot of people on their teams (publicists, agents, managers, etc.) – what is the role of a manager?
The role of the manager is to function as a direct extension to all matters concerning business on and off the field. They’re the liaison between the publicist, agent, and marketing execs so that we’re all in alignment with the client’s goals and expectations. The manager ensures all necessities are met.

What are some of the perks of the job?
Traveling to different cities, attending A-list events and premier parties, meeting like-minded professionals and perhaps having dinner or drinks with a celebrity or two.

…and the pitfalls?

You have to be constantly switched “on”. The position is time demanding, 24/7, always on call, always on you’re A-game in every environment and setting. You have to be extremely conscientious of how you conduct yourself as you’re a direct link and public connection to
your client.

Are NFL groupies a reality? If so, how do you deal with it?
Yes. It is a reality. The term groupie applies to both men and females. Some people have a desire to live the good life so they crowd stars. They want to be in the same setting. They want to be seen affiliating with celebrities as if its their world and their reality.

What is a typical day for you?
Hundreds of phone calls and emails, constantly checking in with the people who have dealings with the client’s off-field endeavors, meetings, conference calls, brainstorm sessions, a day filled with constant motion on initiatives we aim to accomplish.

Do you plan to retire as a manager, or do you have other aspirations in Sports?
Retirement? Hey, I’m just getting started. However, I do see myself involved in the sports industry for many years to come. I look forward to how my career evolves. Seriously, right now, I can’t even think about slowing down. I have so much to learn and achieve.

If you had to do something else, what would it be?
I would have loved to play professional basketball. I think they do pretty well. (Ha, I think so!)

How do you deal with the schedule/travel?
Traveling is tough, two to three cities a week, which can be draining. Then again, I’m keen on constant movement. Yet, at times, I’d like to be home relaxing, but when I’m on the road I like everything to go as smoothly as possible. Travel can bring forth all sorts of delays and problems, so I’m efficient in my planning. And a good play-list is always handy on long flights.

Who/what inspires you?
My family is a tremendous inspiration to me. I’ve watched and studied them since I was little and I’m constantly moved by what my father, mother and sister have all accomplished thus far. I also emulate other successful people who I deem to have the necessary attributes for greatness. I’m a sponge around people who live their dreams. Whether, they’re in sports, medicine, arts, or business—I admire individuals who fuse their passion with their unique skills and then relentlessly pursue it.

Any funny anecdotes about being on the job/road?
Unpredictability. You never who you’ll meet or what type of situation you’ll run into.

Any suggestions for breaking into the business of sports?
Become a mini or full-fledge expert on your interested sport and field. Study everything—all the facts, movers and shakers, corporations, marketing firms. Find out as much as you can and then match your research to your skills and where you’d like to be. Networking is another major component. Make it known what you want to and claim your intended path. Then do your best through school, internships, and experience to keep yourself on your ultimate track.

B a dreamer (and a do-er)...!


Anonymous said...

Great interview! Thanks for posting. This was extremely helpful to a college senior headed down a similar path.

Ebonne said...

First and foremost... I wanted to say I love your spot and will definitely be adding you to my fellow RBW list.

Just wanted to know if you have his contact info or can pass along mine to him. I work for ESPN and am at a sort of stand still in my career and would love to pick his brain.