B Loved: Taboon Restaurant

773 Tneth Ave. (at 52nd St.), NYC

There's something to be said to keeping a hidden treasure...well, hidden. The selfishness has come to an end, and I've held out long enough. Revealing (drum roll)...Taboon. An old apartment near Hell's Kitchen led to an exploration of everything west of the A/C line. One of the best discoveries to date was Taboon. Coined as "Middleterranean" cuisine, with a special mastery of cooking meats to perfection, with simply pleasing, yet complex spices.

My best kept secret is also known for their Taboon baked bread - their house focaccia, drizzled with olive oil, and other goodness. It used to be served in unlimited supply, but the restaurant pulled back to 1 loaf per table once they discovered that patrons could indulge on this bread and wine alone until closing hour. Bottom line - this tasty bread sets the tone for brilliant things to come. Check it out for yourself!


B Linked...

Click here for coverage of the 2009 BET Awards on The YBF.

B quoted...Michael Jackson

“I wake up from dreams and go "Wow, put this down on paper." The whole thing is strange. You hear the words, everything is right there in front of your face . . .” ~ Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

Thank you Michael.


B Overrated...

Overrated - Doorman Buildings?
Alternative - Virtual Doorman (or mail packages to work).

Overrated - Sale Shopping?
Alternative - Saving for investment pieces.

Overrated - Fancy Cupcakes?
Alternative - Angel Food Cake (a meer fraction of the calories).

Overrated - Bikini Waxes?

Alternative - Veet.

Overrated - Uber-Umbrellas?
Alternative - Purse Umbrella & Hat.

Overrated - First Class?
Alternative - Upgrades & Frequent Flier Miles.

Overrated - Facebook Relationship Status?
Alternative - No Status - duh!


B Out...NYC!

What: A Night of Bowling with Jerome Bettis
When: Tuesday June 23rd; 7-10PM
Where: Harlem Lanes - 2116 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.
Why: Support the 100 Black Men of NY Scholarship Fund

What: I (Heart) Gen Art Benefit
When: Wednesday June 24th; 7-11PM
Where: 7 West - 7 West 34th Street, 11th Fl.
Why: Support the arts, and start your collection!

B Trendy: "It-Shoes"

We can't get enough of this season's "It-Shoes". Beyonce has the good fortune of rocking the Louis Vuitton Spicy sandal - the hottest platform on the market, before we can even put it into Google. If these lust-worthy shoes remain a distant dream, let them be an inspiration for something a little more attainable. You just might be a-mused by how similar these shoes are to their forefathers. Let us know if you can recommend any other great styles, inspired by top designers. After all, imitation is the highest from of flattery!

Muse: Louis Vuitton Spicy - $2,200; Brilliant Buy: Report Signature Dunbarton - $215

Muse: Giuseppe Zanotti - $999; Brilliant Buy:Carlos by Carlos Santana Metaphor Bilberry - $99

Muse: Miu Miu Cutout - $675; Brilliant Buy: Steve Madden Caged - $130

Muse: Giuseppe Zanotti - $695; Brilliant Buy: Michael Kors Upton - $150

Muse: Christian Louboutin Lady Page - $995; Brilliant Buy: Steve Madden Regaal - $100

Muse: Manolo Blahnik Creon- $865; Brilliant Buy: Steve Madden Brigght - $130


B quoted: Colin Powell

"In Prosperity Our Friends Know Us. In Adversity We Know Our friends." ~ Colin Powell

It's great to reach out to a friend when you need a helping hand, but even better when it's already been extended. B good to each other!





We miss open bars!


B Reviewed: Electrik Red - "How To Be A Lady"

You may have heard a little buzz about Electrik Red, but you may not have heard their music. This sexy quartet, produced and put on by The Dream and "Tricky" Stewart, have been together for over 6 years (3 were dancing for Usher back in the day) when Sarah insisted she bring in her best friend from Toronto. It's a good thing she did because Naomi has a lot to do with the sound of the album.

Speaking of the sound -
Electrik Red's How To Be a Lady is like T-Boz mixed with classic girl group swag, sing-long songs, sprinkled with a few anthems. And basically, if you like what The Dream has been doing, you're going to love these girls. "So Good" has a laid back, cool vibe, while "Freaky Freaky" pushes the envelope with more experimental sounds, "Drink in My Cup" is a sensual club banger, and "On Point" is aggressive and has been a staple on my gym play list since I got the album. You'll find a little amusement in the overuse of strategically placed expletives, which will dramatically affect their radio play in a good or bad way (jury is still out). On top of everything else, I had a chance to meet these girls, and they are sexy, confident (teetering on cocky), and lovely - which backs up the music and their entire flow. It's a wonder Tameka Raymond ever had a chance if these girls were in the building! Overall - hot! B-Life Rating: A-


B Gifted: Father's Day 2009

June 21st is around the corner, so it's time to celebrate that special man in your life. No, not your new boo, doorman, or even your gay best friend, but your daddy! The dude that gave you life, and clapped at every recital and basketball game - no matter how many times you fumbled. In two years, this is our first Father's Day post, so The B-Life wanted to give you something to chew on when doing your last minute shopping for your #1 fan!

1. Omaha Steaks Ultimate Gift Ensemble (on sale for $170) - This gift unites a trio of gourmet burgers, bacon-wrapped fillets, and top sirloin - a delicious treat the whole family can enjoy. It's surprising how a man can light up over a good cut of meat.

2. Gucci Driver Shoe ($440) - This classic shoe is still so hot that Saks only lets you order 3 units at a time, every 30 days. Hmm, You only have one daddy, so hook him up!

3. The Art of Shaving Manual Shaving Set Pure ($275) - This is a pure luxury for the dad that takes the ultimate pride in his appearance. All metrosexual (and persnickety) dads need apply.

4. Michael Kors Chronograph Watch ($220) - This timepiece is sporty, trendy, and conservative to wear on the golf course, at work, and wherever else dads roam. Not everyone tells time on a blackberry, so this is the perfect "throwback" gift.

5. Team Polo (price varies) - Customize a polo to celebrate your father's favorite team. This way, he can either wash that old jersey he pulls out all season long, or upgrade from that t-shirt he bought in concessions back in the 70's.

6. Net Jets Marquis Jets Card ($132, 900) - Feeling generous? Buy dad a 1 year pre-paid lease to receive 25 hours of flight time. Perhaps he can thank you for the grand gesture by taking you on a fabulous getaway...in...well, wherever, really!

7. Char-Broil Gas Grill ($199) - I haven't met a man yet who doesn't love to play "Grill Master" every now and again. My muse affectionately refers to this wonder grill as R2D2, so trust me, consuming the byproducts are just 1/2 the fun!



B Out: Tracy Reese Sample Sale

B quoted: Stacy Dash

"I was always thought to be the innocent, conservative
actress. Playing school girls… LOL… And when I did the shoot for Playboy, it was like a burden was lifted off me. like I'm not the innocent actress anymore…" ~ Stacy Dash

Perception is everything. If you want to be perceived differently, refresh with new information.


B Out: Gospel Uptown

Gospel Uptown
2110 Seventh Avenue @ 125th Street, New York, New York 10027
(212) 280-2110

Today marks another opening that truly represents the rebirth of Harlem - Gospel Uptown. Opening Friday June 12th, and staking its claim as "Harlem's Inspirational Place," it promises to be the ultimate destination for entertainment and fanciful food. Opened by Harlem-based entrepreneur Joseph H. Holland, this new spot offers live music 7 days a week in the form of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Blues, Latin, R&B and World Beat. Not to mention, comedy, poetry, liturgical dance and musical theatre will also be on the menu. Plus, executive chef Kenneth Collins (formerly of Ida Mae restaurant - which I loved) plans to inspire with a "healthful soul food" menu.
Head to Gospel Uptown for Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner and hopefully I'll see you there!


B Linked: Apollo 75th Anniversary

Check out more pics from the glorious 75th Anniversary celebration at the Apollo.


(Don't) b too picky...

My girl Ang passed along this article about black women, dating, and the possibility of our unrealistic standards. It's a good one! Go 'head and preach

Excerpt from "What Single Women Can Learn from Michelle"

Holding out for the perfect man, someone who is intellectual but not nerdy—cool but not arrogant—impeccably dressed but not effeminate—not a player but with just the right amount of edge—is useless. Smart can go with a little nerdy. Artsy can be accompanied by off-beat. Ambitious and focused may mean less than a social butterfly. Yes, there was that one guy in law school who was easily 6’5’’, a Rhodes Scholar and a rapper, with a baby face to top things off. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but please!


B quoted...Whitney Houston

"I like being a woman, even in a man's world. After all, men can't wear dresses, but we can wear the pants." ~ Whitney Houston


B Loved: Croc 2 Flatiron

Ladies and Snoop, it's time to get your hair chi right. First there was the CHI then came the FHI and now you can get straight to the point with the Croc 2 Titanium Flat Iron.
While all of my colleagues share tales about self-tanner, I have to give credit to my new co-worker (shout out to Angie) who has similar hair woes as me. She took one look at my curls and asked "Have you tried the Croc 2? I literally threw my CHI away after I tried it." Because of a newly designed cost-cutting plan, I tried to resist her endorsement, but that didn't last long. She entrusted me with her Croc 2 for a night, and it was over.
I was immediately impressed with the quick reaction of the digital heat monitor, and how easily the titanium plates glided down my hair and straighted it in a 1/4 of the pre-requisite strokes. This cut my styling time by at least 15 minutes. Last, and most importantly, it left my hair feeling silky, bouncy, and unscathed. Brilliant.
Check out this site to get yours for $99, with free shipping. The CHI is so '99, and the Croc 2 is right on time.


B Trendy: HEADGEAR (Inspired by Zoe Kravitz)

Zoe Kravitz - "it-girl", and offspring of Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet, has become an instant style muse on the scene. (Can you imagine a more alluring gene pool?) Her boho/city-edge is apparent from head-to-toe, with "head" being the operative word. Nothing tops long flowing locks, or a cute crop better than an of-the-moment headpiece.

The Flop

Skinny Leather

Summer Fedora

Flower Child

B Quoted...

“There is a lot of pressure put on me, but I don't put a lot of pressure on myself. I feel if I play my game, it will take care of itself.” ~ Lebron James

There's no question these are trying and uncertain times. Stay focused, don't sacrifice self, and play the game with integrity. A star will shine no matter what team they're on. Let's PLAY BALL!