B Gifted: Father's Day 2009

June 21st is around the corner, so it's time to celebrate that special man in your life. No, not your new boo, doorman, or even your gay best friend, but your daddy! The dude that gave you life, and clapped at every recital and basketball game - no matter how many times you fumbled. In two years, this is our first Father's Day post, so The B-Life wanted to give you something to chew on when doing your last minute shopping for your #1 fan!

1. Omaha Steaks Ultimate Gift Ensemble (on sale for $170) - This gift unites a trio of gourmet burgers, bacon-wrapped fillets, and top sirloin - a delicious treat the whole family can enjoy. It's surprising how a man can light up over a good cut of meat.

2. Gucci Driver Shoe ($440) - This classic shoe is still so hot that Saks only lets you order 3 units at a time, every 30 days. Hmm, You only have one daddy, so hook him up!

3. The Art of Shaving Manual Shaving Set Pure ($275) - This is a pure luxury for the dad that takes the ultimate pride in his appearance. All metrosexual (and persnickety) dads need apply.

4. Michael Kors Chronograph Watch ($220) - This timepiece is sporty, trendy, and conservative to wear on the golf course, at work, and wherever else dads roam. Not everyone tells time on a blackberry, so this is the perfect "throwback" gift.

5. Team Polo (price varies) - Customize a polo to celebrate your father's favorite team. This way, he can either wash that old jersey he pulls out all season long, or upgrade from that t-shirt he bought in concessions back in the 70's.

6. Net Jets Marquis Jets Card ($132, 900) - Feeling generous? Buy dad a 1 year pre-paid lease to receive 25 hours of flight time. Perhaps he can thank you for the grand gesture by taking you on a fabulous getaway...in...well, wherever, really!

7. Char-Broil Gas Grill ($199) - I haven't met a man yet who doesn't love to play "Grill Master" every now and again. My muse affectionately refers to this wonder grill as R2D2, so trust me, consuming the byproducts are just 1/2 the fun!


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