B black...

Blond highlights (a la Beyonce') are still very pretty and will enhance that 'golden look', BUT black is back! Think about stars like Ciara, Gabrielle, and Sara Ramirez who are deepening their roots with raven manes. A black coif will bring out the undertones in your skin and give you great shine! To take your look a little darker without doing a full-on dye-job, try Aveda's Black Malva Color Conditioner. This product leaves hair soft and at least 2 shades darker after the first round - no, really it does! Go to http://www.aveda.com/ for more info. Say it loud...

B funky...

This L.A.M.B. (Love Angel Music Baby) 'Signature - Carlisle' Convertible Clutch from Gwen Stefani's Spring collection will give you the freedom to express your inner Carrie and Charlotte at the same time! This bag is classic in it's design, leather and gold details and practicality, but the bright colors make it funky. Not to mention this bag looks great folded over as a clutch for a night out with your girlfriends, but looks equally chic as tote when you need to jazz up a business look and carry a resume. Gwen has taken an old dog and given it a few new tricks. Wind it up! To find this bag, check out http://www.nordstrom.com/. For info on other items in the L.A.M.B. collection, head to http://www.l-a-m-b.com/.


B a rising Starlet...

Paula Patton is a stunner, with the potential to grow into a very bright career. Her resume includes a bit-part in Hitch, and starring roles in Idlewild and Deja Vu'. Some may call it beginner's luck, and others may attribute it to her undeniable beauty. On a personal note, Paula is married to Robin Thicke, the talented R&B artist carrying the torch in the blue-eyed soul movement. She can be seen playing the love interest in his latest music video, "Lost Without You." Though she plays Robin's wifey on and off the screen, she also has a rumored association with Denzel (beyond her co-starring role), and he's been quoted as saying "the camera loves her." Let's hope Paula's love life and good looks don't lead to quick overexposure, but only serve as door-openers. Perhaps, we'll have the pleasure of peeping pretty Paula getting paid to play a passionate paramour in a paramount performance! Perfecto!


B fruity...

It's time to retire the apple martini's if you haven't done so already. This weekend, a member of the Committee spotted a late 20-something drinking one at the World Bar in The Trump Towers, and it felt way outdated. If you're looking for a new drink that goes down easy, how about trying a Georgia? It's a combination of Grey Goose vodka, tonic and peach Island Oasis. This drink has texture, a little bubbly, and it will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Cheers!

B inspired...

"I want to scare the hell out of the rest of the world." Colin Powell


B good to your skin...

As people of color, we understand the importance of "moisturizing the situation". Thymes Eucalyptus Body Lotion will seep into your skin, leaving it as supple and soft as it was in your wonder years. Not to mention, the crisp scent will give you a shot of energy before you start your day. Check out www.thymes.com for information about the entire product line.


B clear...

Bose In-Ear Headphones give you the ultimate listening experience whether you are riding the A train, or rounding your 5th mile at the Reservoir in Central Park. We've all tried to get our triathlete on while listening to "Touch the Sky", but get caught readjusting our headphones every 2 minutes due to sweaty inner-ears. These headphones not only simulate surround sound, but they're comfortable and will stay in place. What's more is they come with 3 different sized removable tips to ensure a perfect fit. For about 100 bucks, you can round that 5th miles without any interruptions. Go to http://www.bose.com/ for more info.


B in Little Italy...

L'asso is an unexpected surprise that you'll find in the hear of Little Italy. While many of the area restaurants are reminiscent of the spots you'd see in Goodfellas, this intimate setting makes you feel like you're in your best friend's dining room. Try one of the mouth-watering wood-fire grilled pizzas, and sit back and relax while the quirky, yet endearing owners make you feel like you're the only table in the restaurant! www.lassonyc.com


B on the slopes...

The National Brotherhood of Skiers is hosting their annual summit February 24th - March 3rd. Many would be surprised at how many black skiers are among us, but it will be evident as NBS comes together for this landmark event. Serious skiers and snowboarders will takeover Steamboat, but there is still room for beginners to learn the basics. Go to http://www.nbs.org/ for more info.

B willing to borrow...

www.bagborroworsteal.com brings "fake it 'til you make it" to a whole new level. In exchange for a weekly or monthly fee, this site allows you to "borrow" designer handbags and jewels. This service comes in handy when you have a special event coming up, or if you just want to feel fabulous for a few days. You can also give a grossly overpriced (yet chic) handbag a test run before you drop the dough yourself. Everyone deserves to treat themselves, Bag Borrow or Steal allows you to do it on loan.

B inspired...

"I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes." Oprah Winfrey


B ready to re-learn you ABCs..."A"

AG Adriano Goldschmied "The Kiss" jeans are the quintessential pair that will get you through this season. These slim-fitting denims have a slight-bootleg, that makes it easier for you to wear the "skinny" look without having to be a size 2. The stretch in these jeans also allow you to look sexy and be comfortable at the same time - what a novel idea! Check out www.agjeans.com for more info.


B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."B"

Botkier handbags are the type of bags that fly under the radar, but make a huge impression when you see them glide past you on the sidewalk. These easy to wear bags are made with highest quality leather and the finest hardware. Go to http://www.botkier.com/ for more info.

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."C"

If you haven't un-corked a bottle of Conundrum Wine, now is the time to add something new to your rotation. This white table wine is slightly sweet, but complex. Every note of the Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion, Viognier and Muscat blend will hit your tongue in a unique place, leaving you satisfied with every sip.

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."D"

Daniel Sunjata, who you may recognize as the actor who played James Holt, the up-and-coming designer in The Devil Wears Prada, or as the naive Southern sailor who tried to seduce Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, is more than just a pretty face. While his looks and charm spill over on-screen, his ability to connect with each of this characters trumps the superficial. He's definitely one to watch for!


B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."E"

Eyebrow threading is becoming the new standard in facial grooming because it will leave you with a precise arch that rivals Madonna's when she was "voguing." But don't sleep on upper lip and chin threading for those of you with unmentionable hairs that you think can only be seen and felt by you. Threading will give your face a clean look, eliminating even the faintest shadow of a stash. Make sure to find your favorite threader and stick with them, because unfortunately, all jobs are not created equal.

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."F"

When Oprah suggests a product, we usually listen. In this case, we definitely owe her credit for putting us on to Frederic Fekkai's Glossing Cream. This little miracle in a bottle is a light cream that will give your hair plenty of shine without weighing it down. It has a pleasant scent, and lasts a long time. If you haven't retired the Pink Oil yet, now would be a good time. Go to http://www.fredericfekkai.com/ to locate a retailer that carries this product.

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."G"

It may seem crazy to spend $300 on a pair of sunglasses, but Gucci shades are an investment. Think about it...if you add up all of the "2 for $20" pairs you've bought, lost, or broken over the years - I'm sure you'd almost have enough to finance this purchase. Trust me it's worth it. The Summer uniform: wife beater, denim mini, flats and Gucci shades. The Winter uniform: you flyest coat, knee high boots, a red lip, and Gucci shades. You can't lose! http://www.gucci.com/


B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."H"

The Committee has been a fan of this little gold package for years now! Haribo Gold-Bears are the best gummy bears available - hands down, no contest, it's a clean sweep. They don't last long, so we'd only advise opening a package of the German import if you're in the mood to share.

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."I"

Believe it or not, there are some of us out there who aren't sold on the necessity of owning an iPod. If you are one of the few who have yet to purchase an iPod, now is the time. Not only will buying an iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED make any jog or walk down the block more pleasurable, but it will help to support the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Go to http://www.apple.com/ipodnano/red/ for additional information.

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."J"

www.jalc.org offers information about Jazz at Lincoln Center, which features a self-described "jazz potpourri" that ranges from Auturo O'Farrill's Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra, to the American Songbook and Willie Nelson Sings the Blues. If you're looking for a way to jazz up a Friday evening - check it out!

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."K"

What's on every man's mind around 1:31pm when he starts surfing the web after lunch? Well, http://www.king-mag.com/, the online version of the black man's answer to Maxim, figured it out. The site offers thoughtful reviews of anything falling within the urban gamut, exclusive online columns, and a little visual stimulation, which after all, is their bread and butter. But don't lose your mind spending hours on this site - you can't be the king of your castle without a job!

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."L"

We've been anticipating this Showtime hit, and it's finally returned after what feels like an eternity. The series is edgy, challenging and smart. Sure, all of the central lesbian characters are beautiful and wear nothing over a size 6 (with the exception of our sister, Pam Grier, who is straight on the show), but these women are intense and full of drama. Check out www.sho.com for more info on upcoming episodes, and the newly created social networking site.


B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."M"

Mardi Gras 2007 is quickly approaching on February 20th, 2007, and the Krewe of Zulu is planning to keep the soul in the season. Last year was the first Mardi Gras post-K, and the celebration was welcomed, but still tempered. This year, New Orleanians are ready to party. The Zulu Ball is returning to it's full glory, with performances by Keith Sweat and Jeffrey Osborne. It's time to pull out the tux, the crown, and the etouffe', then high step it to the convention center. Head to http://www.kreweofzulu.com/ for more information. Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."N"

You can use www.nymag.com to find short lists of anything imaginable in NYC. If you're looking for a thrift shop, pet groomer, or a Christmas tree - chances are, this site can point you in the right direction. For beginners, we suggest you start by using the "Restaurant" search tab, which allows you to sort by expected variables such as cuisine and neighborhood, as well as less-expected variables such as singles scenes and group dining. There's a lot of info here, but finding it is half the fun!

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."O"

The Oasis Day Spa, a personal favorite of the Committee, has 3 convenient locations, including one for travellers going in and out of JFK. The ambiance is soothing, the staff is especially accommodating, and the "relaxation/waiting" room is chocked full-of-nuts (and other fun snacks), literally. It's hard to find a great spa in Manhattan that isn't overly pretentious and has reasonable prices. The only thing that makes the Oasis Day Spa any better, is SpaWeek, where massages and other select services are offered for $50. For more info go to: http://www.oasisdayspanyc.com/.


B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."P"

They say the bottling of water is the greatest marketing scam of all time, but when it comes to Penta Water, we beg to differ. This water, loved by celebs such as Denzel and Julia, has a slight sweetness to it, and keeps you EXTREMELY hydrated. The water molecules are smaller than most, which enhances the hydration factor. The results: clearer skin and better natural lubrication.

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."Q"

The Radica 20 Q, better known as the "Q", has no real utilitarian purpose, but it will provide hours of entertainment. Just think of a "thing" - it can be the most obscure, nastiest, strangest thing you can come up with...then the Q will ask you 20 questions. By the end of the game, the Q ALWAYS gets it right. Try it!

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."R"

If you remember the buzz around the novel, Cane River, its only fitting that Lalita Tademy's fans have been waiting with anticipation for her latest novel, Red River. This book, which revolves around the 1873 massacre in Colfax, LA, will take you back in time to the Reconstruction era, while delivering a powerful story of triumph and pain.

B ready to re-learn our ABCs..."T"

Tracy Reese's flirty and "feminine chic" dresses and separates have been covered in all of the top fashion mags. You can also find her namesake line at Bergdorf's, Neiman's, Saks or at her flagship store in NYC's Meat Packing district. If you're looking to splurge on completely girly - standout fashion, check out http://www.tracyreese.com/ to see her latest collection.

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."U"

Uptown Magazine features urban style, society, and more. It's a beautiful mag that will keep you fresh on topics for your next cocktail party. For more info, go to www.uptown-magazine.com.

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."V"

All you have to do is go to www.volunteermatch.org, type in your zipcode and Volunteer Match will provide you with a list of organizations looking for volunteers. You can search through a variety of volunteer activities and choose one that suits your interests. And don't forget, to whom much is given...

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."W"

The 5-day Wireless Weather Forecaster has taken instant gratification to a new level - and we love it! This device can automatically detect where you are, and give you the latest temps and conditions in your local area. Who enjoys listening to The Weather Channel while they get ready for work, anyway? Go to www.brookstone.com for more info.

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."X"

Go to http://www.xbox.com/en-US/ to learn more about the Xbox 360. This is the ultimate gaming system that allows you to play games, create your own soundtrack, watch movies and TV in high-def, and so much more. This is definitely for the hardcore game-lovers out there.

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."Y"

For the latest dish on the hottest black celebs (or those who aspire to be) you MUST check out http://www.ybf.blogspot.com/. Your girl keeps it current, juicy, and real at all times!

B ready to re-learn your ABCs..."Z"

From what we've heard, Zoom! Teeth Whitening takes less than an hour and it really works! In short, a whitening gel is applied to your teeth, then the Zoom! lamp is shined on your teeth, and Zoom! - your teeth will end up an average of 8 shades lighter. The procedure will likely run you anywhere from $600-800. Of course, consult your local dentist first! For more information: http://www.zoomnow.com/index.php.


What do you want to B today...

The "B Life" is all about living life to the fullest, celebrating the freedom to choose your course, while experiencing everything the world has to offer along the way. What do you want to B today?