B appalled: Drunken Negro Cookies

(I'm sharing an email I received from my very informed, and socially active friend, who makes it his business to tell the good, bad, and ugly like it is to his network. Let this story serve as a reminder that ignorance is still around, and we must do our part to ensure that we don't fuel it with our hard-earned dollars. Please pass this link around to your friends, family, foes, and co-workers. This is the new age boycott, and now it's your turn.)

Monday January 26, 2009

Every now and again, something so wretched happens in life that one just has to stop and contemplate not only how we 've arrived at such an event, but the consequences thereof. A New York City baker decided to 'play the dozens,' of sorts, when he baked his Drunken Negro Face cookies, a pastry that, with exaggerated features that are stretched out of proportion, are meant to represent an intoxicated African American.

The baker,Ted Kefalinos, of Greek heritage, defends his creation as a "work of art," that isn't offensive at all, not even when he changed the name to "Obama cookies" on Inauguration Day. He also followed up with the statement that Obama, like Lincoln, "will get his." We are all, of course, aware that 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated.

Kalifonos is the proprietor of Lafayette French Bakery, located at 26 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA - Greenwich Village, is not only a vile individual who takes the privileges of Free Speech (as some would like to defend this act) to an entirely different realm, but I was most struck by his ignorance. He sincerely believes that these ridiculous cookies are not offensive. I am further incensed by the Black man who was interviewed by Arnold Diaz that "you have to just laugh" at insensitive racism. Nay, nay! I do NOT laugh at racism. I combat it at every chance I get, be it boycotting, writing letters, or taking my patronage elsewhere.

This bakery happens to be housed right beside my favorite sushi place in all of New York City, Funayama, and I have, on occasion, run in with my roommate who happens to like the bakery's canoli. But, I'd be damned if I ever set foot in there again. . . and whenever I walk by, I will certainly mention it to anyone whom I see headed through the door.

See the video and read the accompanying story here: http://gothamist.com/2009/01/23/greenwich_village_bakery_selling_dr.php

Dontré L. Conerly


B Loved: LUSH Emotibombs

Latte's are so 5 minutes ago...LUSH Emotibombs are the latest innovation in $4 day-starters! Confused? This little miracle product works like an Alka-seltzer for your shower. Just start your water, place the "Up You Gets" Emotibomb in the bottom of your shower (or on a rack), and let the lemon-lime-grapefruit steaming sensation begin. All of your senses will be awakened, and trust me, you won't want to get out! Head to LUSH for other scents like ginger (to stimulate your erogenous zones), and mint (to cure a hangover). LOVE IT!!!

Ps. Shouts to my girl Kenecia for putting me on!


B Craved or Saved...

B Craved...Beyonce @ LAX
Most of us can agree that real style and swag is revealed when you can throw together a casual fit and make it look effortless. Beyonce was recently spotted at LAX demonstrating that swag, so it was my goal to find a few substitutions at an attainable price point. Flyness is easy when cash isn't an issue, but the rest of us have to work a little harder...

B Saved!

Ever Langdale Leather Jacket - $475 (on sale from $800!)


B out...

What: NV After Hours
When: Monday January 26th 6 - 10PM
Where: Barna - 365 Park Ave. South (@26th St.)
Why: It's the final days of Barna. Come grab a drink before the last call.

B quoted...

“I haven't had sex in eight months. To be honest, I now prefer to go bowling.” ~ Lil' Kim


B at Inauguration!

I braved it in DC to experience President Barack Obama's inauguration first hand, and boy was it worth it! While many referred to it as "the other Allstar weekend" because ot the hundred+ parties taking place, it was really about the pending hope of a people, and a more enduring celebration that will take place over the next 4 years while President Obama is in office. Our new President is no longer a black president, but our president, and the collective tone of pride and accomplishment emanated by people of all races was felt all over DC this weekend. I have a few pics to recap, but check out Essence and The YBF for more details about the weekend.

The Mall (I'm in there somewhere!)

First Daughters - Malia & Sasha

Vice President Joe Biden being sworn in (next to wife, Jill)

President Barack Obama being sworn (with First Lady, Michelle Obama)

Inaugural Speech

44 sends 43 back to Texas...FINALLY

The President & First Lady walk the Inaugural Parade route

The First Couple - just lovely!

Vice-President & Jill take a dance

The First Couple take the First Dance


Happy Inaugural Weekend!

In honor of the historic & celebratory weekend going down in DC...Enjoy!
I'll be in DC, my accountant is gonna be in DC, and it's safe to safe 2 out of 3 people I know will be in DC. Have a blast, and keep it safe. Send me your pics! after the weekend. I want to document ALL of the fabulousness that is us and honor our new President.
xo, Jen


B at The Empire Hotel Rooftop

It was that time of year again...my birthday! So I rang it in with an intimate celebration amongst friends at The Empire Hotel Rooftop. It was painfully cold last night, but the covered rooftop (which is just as magnificent enclosed in the Winter, as it is wide open in the warmer months), breath-taking views, flickering fireplace, and of course, my loving friends, kept me cozy enough for a b-day toast.

Check here for more info about the The Empire Hotel Rooftop


What: Kenneth T. Whalum III on sax (and friends)
When: Thursday January 15 @ 8:30PM & 10:30PM
Where: Iridium Jazz Club - 1658 Broadway (at 51st St.)
Why: A live performance by young jazz greats is an absolute must do for the evening. Wind down before the craziness that will ensue in DC this weekend.
For more info


B in Philly...

Keys to Philly: The 6th Borough
written by: Jay Atkinson

1. It’s NOT Manhattan so don’t expect it to be. That goes for residents and visitors alike, don’t try and make Philly, NYC, its just not. Case and point. G-lounge, Philly’s newest metro, light show of a dance club in the basement of Davio’s restaurant is cool, but more so just makes me think of NYC and going back. However, Mahogany, a vintage furnished cigar bar/lounge, a chill yet bustling spot for drinks, is great for a smoke after work, conversation, the game, and cute waitresses, before you head out for the night.

2. Embrace your gluttony . . . Philly has the best dining in the NE, Yes, the best. Don’t be ashamed, enjoy it and walk it off. Philly has everything from hole-in-the-wall cheese steaks (Pat’s and Geno’s) and the famous Reading Terminal Market to Steven Star’s Buddhakan (Yea NY, Philly had it 1st)

3. Save your money . . . The cost of living is just right, particularly with the new emerging loft district. Tell me where in NYC you can find a newly renovated loft within walking distance of law firm for under a $1000 a month? Good luck.

4. Get yourself a vehicle . . . Its justifiable in Philly. The public transportation is just inconvenient enough, the cost of living is just cheap enough and the essentials, malls, doctors, etc. are just far enough where a car comes in handy. Do get yourself a parking spot along with that auto. Philly Parking Authority is no joke out here - they had their own TV show and they make grown men cry.

5. Location, location, location . . . 2 hrs on the bus and you’re in DC or NY, 1.5 in a Bavarian Motor Work, no traffic and radar or on Amtrak. So if you need that bright lights fix or you just wanna drop in on Obama , Michelle and the kids, it's more than doable.

6. Get some culture . . . Its our nation’s 1st capital, home of Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell. There are plenty of monuments, museums, galleries and exhibits to keep your lazy Sundays busy for years. I caught the Frida Kahlo exhibit last winter and the King Tut the summer before . . . awesome. Just make sure you have a drink or several before learning anything about Ms. Kahlo.

7. Make a name for yourself . . .The young black professional scene is developing. It's a great time and place to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly developing society in a rapidly growing metropolitan center. People really do remember your name, as well as your face, so take advantage.

8. Music . . . For one, it’s the birth place and home of neo-soul. You can catch everything from Jay and Mary in the Wachovia Center or ladies get your hands on Usher in a venue no bigger than a studio apt. Any random evening you might catch a local act that will have you wondering why they don’t have a deal and whether you should quit your day job, become an agent and get them one.

9. Fall in love all over again . . . If you're disappointed with your home team (damn Knicks) you can start all over with a city that's obsessed with their teams and not too uppity to show it. Full grown adults paint their faces even when watching the game in the confines of their own homes.

10. It’s NOT Manhattan . . .


LinkIf you live in, around, or remotely close to Harlemworld, you've already heard the buzz around BET's new reality show, HARLEM HEIGHTS, created by Kurt Williamson of KurtWorks and Randolph Sturrup of Minna Mae Productions. The B-Life is quite excited to see how they portray these, young, driven, talented black people who represent the reason many of us move to NYC. The show is meant to capture the Harlem Renaissance, but we have a feeling the all the adventures, and misadventures will play out as we get a peek of how the "young, black, & fabulous" set lives in The Big Apple.
The cast includes a nice mix: a Lifestyle Editor of a basketball magazine, Kanye West's Ex - Brooke Crittendon, an aspiring fashion designer, a young father, aspiring political leader, and your a gorgeous, HBCU-bred silver-spooner - just to name a few. We can't wait to see how these dynamic, ambitious, and obviously beautiful group takes Uptown and the world by storm. As they say, if you can make it here...


2009 Golden Globe Fashion Statements

B...out as a couple. Finally. Love it.
ps. I am jocking everything Beyonce has going on at that moment.

B...a little naked.
Flashbacks of that Versace get-up JLo rocked at the MTV Awards a few years ago.


Our girl Taraji always shows up!

Angie's isn't even trying.

B...kind of a mess.
Sorry, Cam!

Flawless. Diddy-style 100%.


I'm undecided about America's freedom of choice.

B...best dressed.
Kate set 'em up and knocked 'em down - check the accessories. The total package.

B...too old for that dress, and completely whack for that all black suit.
Ashton & Demi are completely out of sync.


Eva, please smile.

B...the Piven.


B...a breath of fresh air.

Drew looks impeccable. Young and fun like cotton candy!

B...worst dressed.
Rene looks like a Country Corpse. Not good.