B appalled: Drunken Negro Cookies

(I'm sharing an email I received from my very informed, and socially active friend, who makes it his business to tell the good, bad, and ugly like it is to his network. Let this story serve as a reminder that ignorance is still around, and we must do our part to ensure that we don't fuel it with our hard-earned dollars. Please pass this link around to your friends, family, foes, and co-workers. This is the new age boycott, and now it's your turn.)

Monday January 26, 2009

Every now and again, something so wretched happens in life that one just has to stop and contemplate not only how we 've arrived at such an event, but the consequences thereof. A New York City baker decided to 'play the dozens,' of sorts, when he baked his Drunken Negro Face cookies, a pastry that, with exaggerated features that are stretched out of proportion, are meant to represent an intoxicated African American.

The baker,Ted Kefalinos, of Greek heritage, defends his creation as a "work of art," that isn't offensive at all, not even when he changed the name to "Obama cookies" on Inauguration Day. He also followed up with the statement that Obama, like Lincoln, "will get his." We are all, of course, aware that 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated.

Kalifonos is the proprietor of Lafayette French Bakery, located at 26 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA - Greenwich Village, is not only a vile individual who takes the privileges of Free Speech (as some would like to defend this act) to an entirely different realm, but I was most struck by his ignorance. He sincerely believes that these ridiculous cookies are not offensive. I am further incensed by the Black man who was interviewed by Arnold Diaz that "you have to just laugh" at insensitive racism. Nay, nay! I do NOT laugh at racism. I combat it at every chance I get, be it boycotting, writing letters, or taking my patronage elsewhere.

This bakery happens to be housed right beside my favorite sushi place in all of New York City, Funayama, and I have, on occasion, run in with my roommate who happens to like the bakery's canoli. But, I'd be damned if I ever set foot in there again. . . and whenever I walk by, I will certainly mention it to anyone whom I see headed through the door.

See the video and read the accompanying story here: http://gothamist.com/2009/01/23/greenwich_village_bakery_selling_dr.php

Dontré L. Conerly


Assertive Wit said...

My boss told me the other day that I gave too much weight to words and that sometimes people don't mean anything by the things they say...while that might be true, everyone has a social responsibility to watch what comes out of their mouths and IF they do say or do something offensive like this, they need to understand that people are going to react to it.

I have never seen any Drunken White People cookies and even if they did create some, it can still be offensive to someone White.

This man who created these and feels perfectly justified in selling them needs to take a class on Ethics in the Workplace as well a side of Etiquette because it is so out of line and rude as hell.

Jenna Marie Christian said...

Assetive Wit,

I agree with you!

It is truly amazing that even in 2209 with so many changes and improvement as a whole in this country we still have so far to go.

It is astounding how some people "pretend" to be so ignorant about race relations. It is only common sense to be very selective and cautious about the words we choose to use to express our thoughts and feelings when dealing with others and especially in public.

We can't go around making gyro sandwiches to fit the look of a drunk or cracked out Greek Person. It would be completely offensive and disrespectfuly, and what kind of person would want to do such a thing.

Shame on it all...

Thanks for the post Jen!!!

Happy Thursday TO you all!

SomeBooksWeRead said...

I hope people of conscience will not give this idiot man any more money.

NEKIA said...

Let me begin by saying, WOW!

I am completely dismayed that we as a collective people have not risen above such ignorance and idiocy.

Furthermore, I am completely over the "not so closet, closet racists". What is more irritating and insulting than your typical run of the mill racist? The racist who assumes a position of ignorance regarding the nature of their comments and actions.

Let's be real and keep it 100% Ted Kefalinos, you knew, I'm sorry, know exactly what you are doing and what the implications of your "work of art" are. PLEASE BE ADVISED: Nothing is worse than a coward who throws a rock and then hides his hand.

But now that the heat is on, I have six words: "IF YOU SCARED, SAY YOU SCARED"