B in Philly...

Keys to Philly: The 6th Borough
written by: Jay Atkinson

1. It’s NOT Manhattan so don’t expect it to be. That goes for residents and visitors alike, don’t try and make Philly, NYC, its just not. Case and point. G-lounge, Philly’s newest metro, light show of a dance club in the basement of Davio’s restaurant is cool, but more so just makes me think of NYC and going back. However, Mahogany, a vintage furnished cigar bar/lounge, a chill yet bustling spot for drinks, is great for a smoke after work, conversation, the game, and cute waitresses, before you head out for the night.

2. Embrace your gluttony . . . Philly has the best dining in the NE, Yes, the best. Don’t be ashamed, enjoy it and walk it off. Philly has everything from hole-in-the-wall cheese steaks (Pat’s and Geno’s) and the famous Reading Terminal Market to Steven Star’s Buddhakan (Yea NY, Philly had it 1st)

3. Save your money . . . The cost of living is just right, particularly with the new emerging loft district. Tell me where in NYC you can find a newly renovated loft within walking distance of law firm for under a $1000 a month? Good luck.

4. Get yourself a vehicle . . . Its justifiable in Philly. The public transportation is just inconvenient enough, the cost of living is just cheap enough and the essentials, malls, doctors, etc. are just far enough where a car comes in handy. Do get yourself a parking spot along with that auto. Philly Parking Authority is no joke out here - they had their own TV show and they make grown men cry.

5. Location, location, location . . . 2 hrs on the bus and you’re in DC or NY, 1.5 in a Bavarian Motor Work, no traffic and radar or on Amtrak. So if you need that bright lights fix or you just wanna drop in on Obama , Michelle and the kids, it's more than doable.

6. Get some culture . . . Its our nation’s 1st capital, home of Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell. There are plenty of monuments, museums, galleries and exhibits to keep your lazy Sundays busy for years. I caught the Frida Kahlo exhibit last winter and the King Tut the summer before . . . awesome. Just make sure you have a drink or several before learning anything about Ms. Kahlo.

7. Make a name for yourself . . .The young black professional scene is developing. It's a great time and place to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly developing society in a rapidly growing metropolitan center. People really do remember your name, as well as your face, so take advantage.

8. Music . . . For one, it’s the birth place and home of neo-soul. You can catch everything from Jay and Mary in the Wachovia Center or ladies get your hands on Usher in a venue no bigger than a studio apt. Any random evening you might catch a local act that will have you wondering why they don’t have a deal and whether you should quit your day job, become an agent and get them one.

9. Fall in love all over again . . . If you're disappointed with your home team (damn Knicks) you can start all over with a city that's obsessed with their teams and not too uppity to show it. Full grown adults paint their faces even when watching the game in the confines of their own homes.

10. It’s NOT Manhattan . . .


Jenna Marie Christian said...

wow...i have been strongly considering relocating from Chicago for a long while now... i was thinking either LA, ATL, Dallas, and now Imust check out the philly scene. The main problem is that I am trying to stay away from places that will get as cold as Chicago during the winter months. Anymore suggestions:-)

Stephanie said...

As a hard working business school student in Philly I can appreciate the shout-out!

Sadé said...

YES. I work in Manhattan and stay in Brooklyn, but my homesickness for Philly never fails. I think the city is truly underrated.

And as for #2...I can't wait for Restaurant Week next week!