B Loved: Croc 2 Flatiron

Ladies and Snoop, it's time to get your hair chi right. First there was the CHI then came the FHI and now you can get straight to the point with the Croc 2 Titanium Flat Iron.
While all of my colleagues share tales about self-tanner, I have to give credit to my new co-worker (shout out to Angie) who has similar hair woes as me. She took one look at my curls and asked "Have you tried the Croc 2? I literally threw my CHI away after I tried it." Because of a newly designed cost-cutting plan, I tried to resist her endorsement, but that didn't last long. She entrusted me with her Croc 2 for a night, and it was over.
I was immediately impressed with the quick reaction of the digital heat monitor, and how easily the titanium plates glided down my hair and straighted it in a 1/4 of the pre-requisite strokes. This cut my styling time by at least 15 minutes. Last, and most importantly, it left my hair feeling silky, bouncy, and unscathed. Brilliant.
Check out this site to get yours for $99, with free shipping. The CHI is so '99, and the Croc 2 is right on time.


Au Naturale said...

babygirl, can u add the 'blogsI follow' widget by blogger to ur spot, so i can follow u? thanks in adv,


TBD said...

Just in time... I am in the market for a new flat iron (Chi sucks) and you know since the B-life recommends it then that's the one I'm getting! You haven't lead me wrong yet Ms. Jen!