NOOCH - Restaurant Review

When my former book club converted to a dinner club (sad, I know), we were too excited to try out Nooch. Chandra, our hostess, promised a great Japanese-Thai fusion meal at an affordable price, and she was right! $16 covered the price of my meal with tax and tip, but the girls who indulged in the yummy cock-tinis pitched in a bit more.

It's conveniently located on 143 8th Ave. (at 17th St.).

Colorful decor and graphics define the space.

(Read a book!)

This Yaki Udon was good...

but the Pad See Oui Gai was the best noodle dish on the menu.

DJ Tables (so appropriate!)

(fully stocked bar)

Stay tuned for the next dinner club review. L.Rod, you gotta bring it!

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browngirlgumbo said...

I LOVE Nooch! Last year or was it early this year?...anyway, a friend of mine invited me to lunch and he selected this great japanese-thai restaurant. I thought the portion size and price was just right.

Btw, that's so funny that you guys swapped books for food...I probably would too! :-)