B on a rooftop...part 2.

As promised, we're delivering the 2nd installment of NYC rooftop reviews. We've been busy researching the most desired summer spaces in the city. We recommend you do a little research of your own before it starts to cool.

Part Deux

What: Private Park @ Hudson Hotel
Where: 356 W. 58th St.
Rooftop Appeal
: So it's not exactly a rooftop, in the sense that it's on the topmost part of the tallest building, but it is the "rooftop" of the 1st floor....does that make sense? Either way, you MUST go and have a drink at this pretty, outdoor, roof-like space. You won't have to deal with snooty entrance policies, but you might have to keep a competitive eye out for an open table on a pretty day.

What: Soho House
Where: 29 9th Ave. #35
Rooftop Appeal: On the other hand, if you want a completely exclusive experience, head to the members-only Soho House rooftop...and we don't mean "members-only", or model-chicks, or people willing to tip a benji to the girls working the front desk....YOU WILL GET PLAYED. Even Samantha on Sex and The City had a hard time getting into this spot. But if you become a member or visit as a guest of a member, the experience is well worth it. There's an amazing vibe that's reminiscent of South Beach and the French Riviera.
(Thanks to Juju and Dr. Grant for a fun night!)

What: Rooftop Garden & Plunge Pool @ Hotel Gansevoort *B-Life Pick*
Where: 18 9th Ave.
Rooftop Appeal: For a guaranteed good time, this rooftop garden at the Gansevoort offers the most spectacular views of the city. The wrap-around loungy rooftop has tables all surrounding the perimeter, providing more seating than most. It also encloses a rooftop garden for a change scenery. Lovely! (Tip: Call ahead to make sure the roof is open to the public on a particular night.)

What: Tribeca Rooftop
Where: 2 Debrosses Street
Rooftop Appeal: If you want a uniquely lofty (in more ways than one) experience for a private event, this rooftop is the way to go. The space offers a more formal , yet still breezy reception/dining/dancing 20,000 sq. ft. area, with an awe-inspiring rooftop above. There's nothing wrong with aiming high!

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