B in the "right" city!

B-Life Committee member, Sean, sent us a link to a study about America's Favorite Cities, conducted by Travel & Leisure.
How did NYC measure up?

According to the results, New York City topped the list at #1 for Culture, Diversity, Shopping, Restaurants, People Watching, Sophistication, and Style among others. Where did the Big Apple fall short? We ranked last in Affordability (shocker) and almost bottomed out for Relaxation, and Friendliness. (I'd personally like to appeal the "Friendliness" score. Every time I get lost in Tribeca, someone is always happy to point me in the right direction!)

Atlanta's rankings were somewhat low and non-descript. It ranked second to last for Romantic Cities (only to Dallas). We'll write in to nominate ATL for the best beats of the moment. Agree?

Chicago was voted #1 for the Best Skyline and we totally agree! Have you ever driven up Lakeshore Drive during sunset? Gorgeous! Unfortunately, Chi-town ranked dead last for Weather. It's no secret the city is unlivable January & February.

Los Angeles is the land of the stars, which likely explains the #2 spot it grabbed for Luxury Boutiques and Shoes. On the downside, people consider it's residents to be least Intelligent.

Miami scored #1 for Clubbing and Attractive people, but bottomed-out in Culture and Intelligence. I'm convinced these qualities should be able to co-exist...but who am I?

New Orleans received favorable results (post-K) taking the #1 spot in Live Music, After-dark Clubbing, Cocktail Hours (NYC was #2), Wild Weekends, and overall Fun. Unfortunately, one of our favorite cities scraped the barrel in Cleanliness, Athletic People and Safety. Maybe that has something to do with all of those late night wild weekends...?

Washington DC came in a winner for the best Architecture, Museums, and Historical Sites. While the people were ranked #1 for Worldliness, they were also considered the least Fun, and (second most) Unattractive. Harsh...

For more results from the Travel & Leisure study, click here.



Oooh, that is harsh for DC on the 'unattractive' tip. But, if you ask most single sisters out here, they would probably concur. lol!!!

Vicky said...

Yes, Chicago voted #1 for the Best Skyline, a beautiful city. This I've been saying for many years. But to say our winters are unlivable, I would have to disagree. They are harsh, but I've been doing them for about 40 years and have only been immobilized twice for a short time. Yes, we endure the 9+ inch high snow banks and the 0 degree temps, but no matter how much I yearn at times for the mountains and palm trees of Southern California or the coast along South Beach Miami, Chicago is the only place I'd rather live.