B adorned...

October is right-hand ring month, so here are 10 reasons to adore and adorn yourself!

  1. You have better taste than your man anyway!
  2. Our right hands are usually stronger than our left, so it can support the extra weight.
  3. Diamonds match EVERYTHING!
  4. Do you really need another handbag?
  5. As you sign checks, business contracts, and property titles, you can relish each victory with rock on your right hand.
  6. It's fun to anticipate receiving the perfect engagement ring, you need to shine in the meantime.
  7. You can always join in the conversation when your engaged/married girlfriends start chatting about their bling!
  8. It will give your man an idea of your taste (and your ring size).
  9. It’s a great way to begin your collection of family heirlooms – you can always pass it down to your daughter.
  10. Diamonds’ are a girls best friend – do you really need another reason?

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