As an fyi, I know you love your "Barack the Vote" sweatshirt, but please DO NOT wear any sort of Obama 'nalia (t-shirt, pins, hats, etc. etc.) to the polls when voting on election day. It's news to me, but apparently anyone with this type of gear is considered to be campaigning, and therefore not allowed x-feet from the polls.
This year, with all the OBAMA excitement and hype, they're assuming that people are UNAWARE of this law and will send them home, with the hope that they won't make it back out to vote. "It's just one vote, right?" - WRONG. Don't be the one!
xo, Jen


dj_lissamonét said...

wow. this is crucial informaion.
as a canadian i obviously cant vote, but ive subscribed to enough blogs to see all sorts of cool and foolywang "obama'nailia" that could be worn to the polls....that includes those god-damned air force ones i see fat joe and will.i.am rocking.

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great post!


nmw said...

Wow, I had NO idea. The sad part is there ARE going to be TONS of people rocking their Obama stuff to the poles and probably won't make it back in time to vote. I definitely feel some kinda way about this little "rule". As far as I'm concerned it's right up there with the voter identification rules.