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Last week, a The B-Life reader sent around this facetious take on facebook, or in this case "pensionbook". While social networking sites like MySpace and facebook definitely have their benefits, one has to ask when it's gotten a little out of control. Advanced technology allows us to create and foster several relationships simultaneously at a much faster pace due to ease of communication and access to everyone at any point in time. Just think - you can send a text message in 7 seconds flat when it used to take 5 days to send a similar message via the US Postal Service back in '95. But while relationships can happen in a New York minute, are they as deep? I mean, just because facebook says you have 535 friends...do you really have 535 friends? Forget baseball, let's address the "pluses" and"minuses" of one of America's new favorite pastimes.

facebook Pros:

-Reconnecting with old friends
-Avoiding the mass email with a "note"
- Sharing photos without creating annoying logins
-Getting a mini-background check on your date
-The wall (now you don't have to memorize a million email addresses!)

facebook Cons:
-You can't do ANYTHING on the slick...(that feed is no joke!)
-Tagged photos - It's too easy to get caught out there looking crazy.
-All those applications - Seriously, what is a funwall/trendsetter/poke? I'm confused!
-"Stalking" is a little too easy
-You can't repeat an outfit - those pics will get you every time.
-Relationship status....it causes drama, plain and simple. Just leave it off - trust me!
-The random "friend" - (who are these people???)

Iffy facebook behavior...
-Shared FB pages - Just because you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee', or cat doesn't mean you need a dual facebook page.
-Posting photos of your newborn(s) - I mean, it's kinda cute, but shouldn't you be too busy to be on facebook?
-Exchanging more than 4 wall posts - I love the wall, but after a certain point, it's time to pick up the phone or send an email.

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A*E* said...

LOL! That is soo true! If it isn't already hard enough trying to figure what to wear, now you have to worry about what you're wearing on Facebook! Please add me to your blog roll!