B Loved: Hello! Skinny Jeans

Are you ready for the most revolutionary product to hit the market? Hello! Skinny Jeans for will change your life. So many women slave over losing those last 5 lbs, or forsake carbs for 3 days to de-bloat, but these jeans do all the work for you. Hello! Skinny Jeans claim to be: "thigh-slimming, stomach-flattering, buttocks shaping, and leg lengthening...", and they are! 7 washes and 4 cuts, you can't go wrong. It might be the best $200 you spend this year. Tried and tested by yours truly. Love!

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Assertive Wit said...

I got a LOTTA bootay...I'll be mad as the Dickens I buy these jeans and I can't pull them up past half my thigh. I disappoint myself every time I try on some skinny jeans because I can BARELY get them past my kneecap before they are laughing at me like "thick girl, these are not for you"...I'm gonna test these out though only because they come in MY size (shocking!)...now if only I can find some in my size that aren't the same price as my car insurance LOL