B high-browed...

Do create a natural arch that follows the shape of your eye.

Don't let scraggly brows go unattended. "Thinning" brows make you look older. Fill 'em in!

Do go for a dramatic brow that makes a statement.
paint on your brows. Period.

Do groom pierced brows meticulously.
Don't pluck your brows into semi-circles. Not a good look.

embrace a full brow. Thick is in!

Don't get frustrated and take them off altogether!


Bombchell said...

brows are brows, i dont see the big deal, filled in or not. & these are not bad.

at least they are all neatly done. its not like its a unibrow, c'mon, and its not drawn badly like some certain stereotypes.

Eb the Celeb said...

hilarious... but good points