B Loved: Borg Pedestel Tower Fan

When the warm weather calls for ventilation, and the AC leaves you with a sniffle and a sky-high bill from ConEd, it's time to search for an alternative. Introducing the Borg Pedestal Tower Fan - it's slim, sexy, discreet, and purs like a cat.

I carried the Borg fan for 10 blocks, and it was completely worth the hassle. No lie - I had sweet dreams all night long after falling asleep under the soft natural breeze. It's hard to explain, but the short 5 hours I gave myself, felt like a solid 8. I woke up feeling relaxed, and most importantly breezy. This is the coolest reason to drop $50...


Anonymous said...

I have to admit it:

I was looking at all of these fans on all of these different sites; looking up reviews.

And I went out to BB&B and picked up this fan based entirely on your review.

AlisaG said...

So upset I didn't get it. It's all sold out.