B Short (and to the point)!

As temperatures rise, so do the cutting shears. If you've been thinking about taking it up, Spring is the perfect time to try out a new look that will keep you feeling as cool as you look. Some of our favorite stars provide the perfect hair-spiration stories. Take a look!

Chrisette Michelle fearlessly chopped her locks to achieve instant edge faux hawk.


Keri Hilson switches up her hair as often as she changes shoes, but she pulls off this 70's throwback to legendary figure skater Dorothy Hamill with equally bold styling.


Amber Rose knows you gotta give face if you're rocking a buzz cut. Love it...on her.

Brooke Crittendon's modern cut is all about the bang and the plethora of styling options that keep the look fresh and add effortless attitude. This look can easily be dressed up or down in a beat.

CURLY CROPNicole Murphy's hair routine is low maintenance and leaves plenty of time to hit the town with Strahan. Not mad.


The likes of Rihanna, Fantasia, Kris Kardashian and too many others have rocked a little length on one side, while keeping it short in the back. It's a femme cut for girlie-girls who still want to "play" with their hair.

While not entirely unlike the previous look, you have to give this Angel some credit for doing away with signature flowing locks to rock a sleek, 20's-inspired coif and highlight those cheekbones.

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