B Loved: Travelista TV

I stumbled upon Travelista TV and was instantly in love and equally envious of Teri & Andrea - two spirited sisters traveling the world, and living life to the fullest - their way. For instance - Teri takes belly dancing lessons in Marrakesh, and insists that she can't let the instructor out dance her, so she shakes it a little harder and puts her own twist on the age-old dance. Love!

On Travelista TV, you can view videos of their trips in Morocco, Croatia, Sweden, and beyond. Led by the charming twosome, each video feels uniquely personal, and full of helpful bits of info you can take away to plan your own trip, so grab a pen!

While most of us scrounge to stretch out our 10 vacation days, we can live vicariously through Teri and Andrea, as they take us on one exciting adventure after another. Where to next, ladies?

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Kim said...

Hi Jen

I vote you Kreativ Blogger Award. I sent a email to you gmail account but I guess it must have been overlooked. I really enjoy coming to to your blog and it's done in a creative way and I just wanted you to know it. Here is the award link. Enjoy and keep up the cool work