B Trendy: Vegas Fashion?

Vegas Fashion...? This may be an oxymoron, but there were a few category-specific trends that were constantly re-interpreted that I discovered while on a short business trip in Sin City. It's amazing how traveling West will open your eyes to a new en vogue moment a la mode...So what's popping in Vegas...?

Audrina Patridge ("The Hills") hosting a Bombay Sapphire event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.


Honorable Mention: Wedge Sandals
This trend was all over, and it felt very authentic (especially when paired together). Sexy.

HAIR - Blue Streaks
Honorable Mention: Elvira Hair (also seen in the photo above)
Girls of all races were rocking a little peek-a-boo blue in their hair. As for Elvira - think short voluminous, hard-sprayed layers up top, and lots of length on the bottom. It was a little scary...

BRAND ENVY - Juicy Couture
Honorable Mention: True Religion.
I literally spied someone rolling around their 4th youngest in this Juicy Couture stroller. And True Religion is truly Vegas religion. Levi who?

LIFESTYLE LOOK - Interracial Relationships
Honorable Mention: Young Mothers
The sheer volume of interracial relationships (in every combination possible) did not go unnoticed. And the kids...just adorable. Interesting...

BODY TAP - Side Tattoos
Honorable Mention: Chin Piercings
Tats and Vegas aren't a new concept, but I saw more girls with beautiful art running right down the side f their bodies, spanning from their underarm, down to the hip bone. (Just on one side ) I kinda loved it - on them.

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Carly said...

Interracial Relationships are trends now? Clearly I must go to Vegas! They are so passe everywhere else!