B Advised: Ways to be Productive When Out of Work

It's a crazy time, and there are more bright, talented people out of work and sitting at home than acceptable. But idle time doesn't mean an idle mind. Here are a few ways to stay sharp and stimulate your senses. When a door closes, you have to find a window.

When you're out of work, you should be in the best shape of your life. Get in the gym, get to the park, and get it in. Working out is also a great way to release some endorphins and maintain a positive attitude.

You've been talking about taking up another tongue ever since you fulfilled that last language requirement your Sophomore year of college. Now's the time to carpe' diem and sign up for a class or cop Rosetta Stone. Muy bien!

When we're pounding the pavement, we have every excuse not to make it home for a reunion or an anniversary. Use this time to reconnect with those that invested time (and money) in you. You might just discover a little more about yourself to get you back on the right track.

No need to sign up for Kaplan or the Princeton Review, but borrow books from a friend who recently took a test that you've been considering, and put in an hour a day. Who knows? You might find that school is the next best option - and this way, you'll already be a few paces ahead (minus the pressure).

The paper work is relatively easy. The tax deductions are sweet. Make that side hustle your main dish while you're in transition. Perhaps you'll unleash your inner-Donald and strike gold with a big idea? Go for it!

Not a vacation...To clarify, this is not a Cabo San Lucas plug, but you should take a trip where you can learn something about yourself, the world, and how you fit into it. Hint hint: road trip.

When you've fallen on tough times, its actually the best time to reach back and do something for someone else. Volunteering will help you put everything in perspective. It's really not that bad. Plus, a little good karma goes a long way.

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