B a jetsetter!

Travel season is upon us, so why not jet in-style? A few essentials will keep you fabulously functional while flying high!


This Banana Republic Long-Sleeve Wrap Cardigan is key to staying warm and chic on your flight. Layering pieces are easy to grab on your way out the door will help you to keep your outfit simple. All you need are comfortable jeans and a tank!

You don't have to be the pilot to rock these stunners. Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses are classics that can cover a few bags if you had a late-night out before boarding the plane.

PASSPORT CASEYou can't go too far without your passport, but you can take you can instantly upgrade your look with a chic Abas Wave Passport Case. Love this one!


Laptop, magazines, wallet - check! Fit it all into a fun, colorful bag like this J.Crew Lugano Leather Valise. It would be hard to leave this standout piece behind.

SCENTED HAND CREAMAsh-checks are necessary before and after you get on the plane. A clean, but fragrant lotion like L'Occitane Lavender Hand Cream will keep you moisturized and a little dab here and there will freshen your senses before you land.

Food is hard to come by on most commercial flights, so pack a box of Triscuits on your way out. Hi-altitudes can leave you backed-up (it's true), so hi-fiber snacks will keep everything moving while satisfying your hunger.

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Anonymous said...

Triscuits and Aviator Sunglasses! My 2 favorite things. Love your site!