B quoted...

“I was just a typical South Side little black girl... Not a whole lot of money. Going to the circus once a year was a big deal....I enjoyed it there [Princeton]. I liked the safety and quiet. It helped having an older brother who was a basketball star...Of course, it was different, being black, but I found a black support base for myself. It was also different not being filthy rich...At the end of the year, these limos would come to get kids, and me and my brother would be carrying our cardboard boxes down to the train station. But it helped my confidence, being able to succeed there. I actually knew lots of kids in high school who could have competed there, academically. You just had to get in. So much of getting ahead in this world is access, networking.” ~Michelle Obama

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this woman. Get it Michelle!


maje$ty said...

It's something about her that you automatically trust. She's reminds me of that "Favorite" aunt.


Anonymous said...

Once again the Black First Lady is keeping it real and reminding us of what kind of United States we are working with. She is a good balance for Obama and connects to working class and people of color