B EXPOSED: Sex & the City - LIES & TRUTHS

If you ask a 20-something young woman why she moved to New York City, it's likely that her answers may have something to do with a little series called "Sex & the City." (The fashion, the friendships, the fun - oh my!) But as a new audience experiences the fab four through the movie release, it's only right time expose some of the lies & truths about the lifestyles lead by Carrie & the gang.


4 women can really walk down a Manhattan sidewalk shoulder-to-shoulder and side-by-side without getting whacked or cursed out by on-comers.

Your driver is always on time, and parked right in front of your building.

It's possible to never wear flats and relentlessly pound the pavement in 4.5 inch stilettos - and in the meatpacking district, no less.

You can rent a spacious 1 bedroom apartment on the UES for less than $1000 a month.

A publicist, an author, a corporate lawyer, and an art gallery director/housewife can sync their schedules to have a drink a least once a week.

Neighbors in your building are ever this sexy (and available)!

You will eat LOTS of brunch.

Fashion will inspire you - daily. (For better or worse.)

You just might get a dream offer to work for Vogue.

You will make friends for life.

You can fall in love.


DollFace said...

This is so perfect. And so true!

Bombchell said...

ha ha ha ha ha so funny.

dont forget there are hardly any minorities in NY. at least pre-2008 lol

D*a*v*i*d*a said...

Jen i absolutely LOVE this post!!!
You definitely hit the nail right on the head!