BET AWARDS 2008 - Red Carpet Fashion

I hope ya'll got a chance to check out the red carpet action at the BET AWARDS the other night!

My favorite:

Unfortunately not loving...

What did you think? Let me know. And for more coverage - check out Jezebel.com.


Look @ Lonny said...

Girl our taste must be completely opposite b/c I loves Solange's dress, she'a a risk taker. Cassy's outfit was boring and she needed some static sheets...badly. But my favorite outfit hands down goes to Ms. Nia Long, she made the dress. Even though it's a simple dress, her overall look made it glam.


Vicky said...

I just don't get the fashion of the so called movie stars. They look like clowns to me. Even with the outfits that cost thousands, I'll pass. Check out our fashion page in "Its Our Reality!" Magazine at http://itsourrealitymagazine.com/

I enjoy the "B-Life", keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

The amount of money that puffy throws away this is the best he can do for her, a blouse that's pulled down to cover her bush.