B Linked!

The other night I had the great fortune of meeting a few interesting New Yorkers while at the Lola's gathering. While there, I was introduced to a sharp, stylish, and witty young woman who is also a bloggeress. B aka D authors A Belle in Brooklyn, which she describes as "the unintentionally hilarious New York adventures of a single Southern woman living way too far above the Mason Dixon." Brilliant. Her following is dedicated, loyal, and almost as sharped tongued as she is.

Take a quick peek at an excerpt from a recent post:
"...I had to take a moment to compose myself, lest I cuss in a church. Now I’m not the woman who usually assumes that a man making small talk is hitting on me. Sometimes folks just want to run off at the mouth to fill the silence. If you’re hitting on me, you’ve got to make it pretty plain. I need a declaration of interest or at least an implying tone, which Rev. So&So has just given me… as he sits where my grandfather used to and the way that he used to when I was young and as I stand where his coffin was just displayed two hours prior. This is some inappropriate shit. Plus, the motherfucker (yes, I just called a Rev. a motherfucker) just cut me off. That’s rude."

A Belle in Brooklyn is a totally voyeuristic look into B's daily life, rants, raves, and insights. It's all from her point of view, but there's something we can all relate too. Reading her site is like talking to that Aunt who always says EXACTLY what she wants when she comes to family dinner. It satisfies you in an old school values, but progressive and intelligent, and I admit I can still indulge in the drama of a good soap opera every now-and-then kinda way. Make sense? Just check out the site and you'll be hooked.


LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Amen! ;)

allienicole said...

huge fan of belle's! great promo for her!!

lovin your site as well! even tho i'm living in DC :D

Mistyblue said...

So glad you mentioned Belle on your blog. I'm SUCH a fan. And I LOVE the B-Life too! Keep keeping us informed.