Saunders Sermon & Friends. - 4/9/08

Wednesday's never sounded so sweet...until Saunders Sermon brought the live jazz, that is! The B-Life is co-signing on this one, so if you're looking for a chill way to take in hump day, take it in at Sweet Rhythm

Saunders will knock you out with his one-two Trombonist/Vocalist combination - leaving you a little confused about which instrument you like the best. He's young, endearing, and he puts on a show that's laid back and goes perfectly with a mid-week cocktail. If Saunders alone isn't enough, he just might bring up friends like Lee Hogans (awesome trumpet player), Jesse Boykins III (a singer/songwriter with promise), or other members of his oh-so talented band. This is definitely a great look on a Wed. eve.! Don't just take my word for it...check it out for yourself.

Sweet Rhythm
88 Seventh Avenue South (@ Bleeker St.)

Saunders Sermon

Guest trumpeteer - Lee Hogans

Featured singer - Jesse Boykins III



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