Susan L. Taylor leaves Essence Magazine

Over the winter holiday, Susan L. Taylor sent a small shock through the publishing world when she made an unofficial announcement that she was leaving Essence Magazine after 37 years of leadership via an out-of-office message reading "When I come back to the states in mid-January, I will be leaving Essence to do what at this juncture in my life has become a larger work for me--building the National Cares Mentoring Movement, which I founded as Essence Cares and today is my deepest passion."

As the spiritual force and face and heart of Essence, Ms. Taylor's ethereal presence has had an enormous impact on the magazine, the brand, and those that she touched over the last 4 decades. But her next pursuit falls in line with her consistent philanthropic efforts and desire to improve the community at large. The National Cares Mentoring Program is one that provides guidance and mentorship for at-risk youth.

After climbing to the top, it's easy to sit back and re-count all that you've accomplished, but it's noble to establish and even larger challenge and affect millions more. Susan Taylor said it best: “We don't have an eternity to realize our dreams, only the time we are here.” Therefore, carpe diem', because we know even greater things are to come.

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