B Great in '08!

(L to R: Jen, Stephanie, and Claire)

The B-Life hopes everyone had a safe and eventful New Year's celebration. Life is about living in the present and creating memories along the way. Whether you were at the big party, on a ski trip, in your hometown or at a house party watching the ball drop, New Year's eve was a time of deep reflection.

A whole year can flash before your eyes as you reminisce with your clique, meet new friends, or hear the familiar voice of an old friend whisper “Happy New Year” on the street. The fact remains, it’s a new year with new possibilities and mountains to climb. Look forward and make this one count.

It doesn't matter if your resolution is to improve your state, stop the hate, find a mate, or get your money straight, the goal is the same….BE GREAT IN ’08!!!

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