Over the winter holiday I had the opportunity to experience the PHLI brand, which I'd been hearing about for the last couple of years. It's hard to sum up in words, but it's a fly (phli) Chicago movement that blends avant-gard street style suited for an urban highbrow with the most distinguishing taste.

Before heading over to the store, Shareeff
was spotted in Hyde Park wearing a PHLI Varsity Jacket.

The limited edition jacket was one the hottest holiday items at PHLI.
Doesn't it almost make you nostalgic for your high school days?

The PHLI store has a lofty-basketball court feel.

The innovative sneaker wall is a cool twist. Foot Locker should take note.

And there it is...hot.

The upstairs level houses more merchandise and lends itself to an event space.

Nike Blazer (BFive)

In addition to the unique in-store experience, you can also scoop items online at www.phliworldwide.com.


Anonymous said...

WHO is that hot man in the hot PHLI jacket?!! Oh...just my fiance :)

Shanell said...

I know that fine specimen! Liked him more when he had hair.....gives great hugs and foot massages!

Anonymous said...

Poor Shanell...she can't read...or maybe she IS that tacky.

Anonymous said...


Maybe she knew him pre-engagement? Who cares?