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The new year is officially upon us and it's time start the year with renewed vigor and fresh goals. Making resolutions are my favorite part of rounding the year because you sincerely have the momentum with lessons learned from the previous year to make them work. In the spirit of BG08, I'll share a few of my own...

1. Sign-up for hot yoga.
Hot yoga is defined by pushing your body to the limit. Incredible clarity, increased flexibility, and a tighter bod can be achieved in one 1.5 hour session. But make sure you like to sweat because you WILL be standing in a puddle by the 2nd pose. Try Bikram Yoga.

2. Try 1 new recipe each week.
It's so easy to fall into the same dinner routine (spaghetti on Monday, out to dinner on Tuesday, leftovers on Wednesday, etc...). My challenge is to try something completely new at least once a week. Before I know it I will have made 52 new dishes by this time next year and will have mastered at least a fifth of that, increasing my repertoire of recipes. FoodTV has a great database of recipes.

3. Get legal affairs in order.
Wills, insurance policies, and all that jazz are a pain in the arse, but it makes sense to get all your ducks in a row, name the appropriate beneficiaries and make sure you understand the terms you've selected. It also makes sense to have the same conversation with your parents and loved ones.

4. Read a book.
It sounds simple, but I can't find the time. Between work, magazines, The Hills, and life, reading 1 book a month has been such a challenge. This might be the weak spot, but I'm working on it...

5. Create an alternate stream of income.
A wise man once told me that it's unacceptable to live in New York City with only one form of income. That has less to do with the obvious hustle mentality of the city and more to do with practicality. In '08 I'm considering a few options, one of which is investing in a rental property in post-K New Orleans.

Tip: No success with sticking to resolutions in years past? Try crafting them differently by getting specific. For example: Last year's goals: 1) Lose weight, 2) earn more money, and 3) be more social. This year's goals: 1) Sign-up for a belly-dancing class, 2) do monthly focus-groups, and 3) join a co-ed flag football team.

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