B-Noted: Keep It Simple

This weekend I had a profound experience in the most basic setting. A basketball court on the Upper West Side in New York City. After a leisurely brunch, I walked over to a nearby court on 76th St. where a few of my guys were playing their usual weekend pick-up games.

My friends aren't slouches, so physical fitness is no stranger, but to see my boys get together, sweat it out, and talk shit, was simply beautiful. By day, they are media executives, bankers, video directors, and beyond, and they spend their "9-5" doing things they love...for the most part. They don't, however, get to choose who they do it with. Somehow, the notion of these men taking 3 hours for themselves to come together, let out some physical aggression and bond over a ball, is what life is all about. Choices.

Like many cities, NYC has a way of pulling you in a million directions - brunch, sale in Soho, gym, pop into the office to catch up on a proposal, hit the Yankees game, then a comedy show with your cousin who came into town, and then, oh yea, let me see if this chick wants to meet up for a drink? All in one day!

But getting it all in and "chasing" a day just isn't that satisfying when you have nothing to savor. As a personal offender of making weekend lists, and double/triple booking, I learned a great lesson this weekend. Find a happy place. Be selfish with my time and choices. And, most importantly keep it simple.


Anonymous said...

I always check out your page but have never commented.I thought this post was so relevant. Its summer time and everyone I know has million things going on between attending the multiple b-day parties, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, bbqs,free concerts, you name it . . . .everyone is on the move.
However in the midst of all the double/triple booking, we lose sight of spending true quality time with family and friends. I know some days I'm exhausted from trying to do it all and realized I need to slow things down & keep it simple. Peace.

D*a*v*i*d*a said...

this post is talking directly to me Jen.
i love it!