B Inspired: Usher - Modern Rat Pack

Usher at his Vegas Magazine (July/August '09) cover party at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas

I think we can all agree that a single Usher, is a much sexier Usher. Now that our favorite R&B crooner officially has his swag back, let's pay tribute to his impeccable styling, just right accessories, and classic lines. Usher manages to keep it fresh without straying too far from his signature look in masculine flannel, with a sophisticated fit. You have to admire this artist for not succumbing to the need for constant re-invention, just to stay relevant. That goes for his music, and his style.

Simmons Jewelry Co. Green Bracelet - $125; Urban Outfitters Aubaine Boxing Gloves Necklace; Kohl's Relic Bottle-Opener Leather Belt - $25; American Eagle Herringbone Vest - $30; Gap Lightweight Flannel - $45; Timex Sport Luxury Chronograph - $150; Bailey Barr Fedora - $88; Heritage 1981 Lewis Straight Jean - $35

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Love your blog! Great insight into what NYC life is all about!