America's Next Top Look-a-Like?

Tyra has been turning everyday girls into model for 11/12/13 cycles, but is she preening undiscovered talent, or just recreating look-a-likes of the most famous supermodels to rock the runway? You decide.

Teyonna has the piercing gaze and wet look of Beverly Peele.

Allison stangely ellicits the doe-eyed look of 90's supermodel Trish Goff.

Celia is an easy throwback to Linda Evangelista and its all about the cheekbones.

Aminat has the similar "exotic girl next door" look and slamming body of model pro Roshumba.

Fo is a face girl with a rock hard edge thank to a punk crop like (Angie's ex) Jenny Shimizu.

Natalie's ambigious ethnic intrigue came second to her good looks, much liker former ANTM mentor, Janice Dickinson.

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